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18 Epic Wedding Photos of 2018


Bride wearing custom leather jacket on wedding dayPhoto Credit:

Another 365 days of love and marriage in the books, wow! But before we welcome 2019, we thought it’d be a fun time to look back on some of our favorite moments from weddings this year. And interestingly enough, they seemed to be yours too!! ALL THE LIKES! 👍👍👍

So, what were we loving in 2018?? Well, it involved some cheekiness (yes, literal cheekiness 🍑), for sure, but more than that, the photos that had us feeling all kinds of emotions were the ones that you could truthfully see love, magic, and a special kind of wow-that really happened-we might never seen something like this again in. From an epic bouquet that steals attention away from an equally gorgeous dress, to a groom that is just so blown away by his bride he has to bend down and blink for a few minutes, a couple so suspended in disbelief over their love that they actually have to sit on a stupid-high swing and look longingly into each other’s eyes, to a group that’s tearing into pizza so hard they don’t even have their eyes open, these shots had our souls ensnared in all the right ways. And we hope the couples getting married in 2019 bring us just as much if not more joy than all the people (correction, people+confections) did in 2018.

Wedding Cake With Reverse Ruffles and Flowers Photo Credit:

Oh! And you’re not wrong if you’re feeling déjà vu, because you’ve definitely seen these photos before. Most are pulled from our Instagram feed and regrammed from the photographers we wish we could text to keep on retainer for all the special moments in our lives. No, they didn’t ask us to say that, either, we just really have all that 😍 for them.

If you’re recently-engaged and looking for inspo for your own nuptials, feel free to borrow some ideas from these hall of fame-worthy wedding captures. I’m already married and don’t need any ‘I Do’ inspiration for the time being, but #bible, that bride taking down McDonald’s in a wedding gown is who we all wish we could be. Care to argue with that?!?!!!

Check them out! They’re epic.

Engagement photos in between sand/mountain huts with hot air balloonsPhoto Credit:

Bride eating McDonald's in wedding dressPhoto from:

Engagement photos and hugs between a bride in a wheelchair and her groomPhoto Credit:

Groom jumping onto bridge made by groomsmen with scared bride beside himPhoto Credit:

Bride with sunglass wearing flower girlsPhoto Credit:

Grooms just married with beer burrosPhoto Credit:

Couple taking shots at the altar Photo Credit:

Groom so shocked to see his bride walk down the aislePhoto Credit:

Bride holding a huge bouquet as she walks into the oceanPhoto Credit:

Bride and groom rock climbing with dress and suit onPhoto Credit:

Bride with incredible bouquetPhoto Credit:

Bride and groom and bridal party taking down pizzaPhoto Credit:

Bride and groom looking into each other's eyes on the beachPhoto Credit:

A proposal in the woods twinkling lightsPhoto Credit:

Two brides in flower crowns and blush gownsPhoto from:

Ring bearer and flower girl kissingPhoto Credit:

Jumping into newlywed-hood and 2019 like this... 

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