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17 Awesome DIYs For Your New Home!

As a new home owner myself, it isn't really all that had to imagine that Pinterest has taken over my life!!! Yes I have a home board... YEAAAS I have at least 5 boards that spawned from that one home board and I can only foresee the numbers growing. I have so many things I want to do to make this house my own but oh yeah.... I also need to buy groceries and sometimes go out to see friends... (ugh money really should grow on the trees in my new backyard). So what is a girl or guy to do when you want to update but you can't afford to splurge.

DIYs my friend! So strap on those weekend worrier boots and get yourself down to your neighborhood Home Depot and get to that list of do-it-yourself projects. Oh and check out these 17 awesome DIYs for your new home, just incase you find something else you need to do! Hugs and high-five to all you go getters!

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