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15 of the Sweetest Wedding Kisses We’ve Loved Lately


We’re suckers for some a good smooch - have you seen our feed lately?! And locking lips couldn’t be better than when you do it on your wedding day. Those feelings of pure passion, excitement, lust, love, ALL the feels, really, blur together to create the most magical just-married kisses. And it’s not just that official ‘you may kiss the bride’ moment, it’s the whole day. From first looks to first dances, timeouts to make out (when it’s just you guys and your photographer) and that annoying but oh-so-satisfying guest glass clinking to push you into pecking, the opportunities to kiss your Ken doll (and yes, your groom will be looking his most dapper, so yes #ken) are endless.

And even though your cosmic chemistry will indefinitely make your kiss photos L-I-T, you’ll want to make sure you two are cute and not sloppy. Just a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Practice your moves… in the days and weeks leading up to your wedding, make sure you rehearse. Will you just lightly tap lips, will you have that slightly open, ‘church’ tongue action going on a la The Wedding Singer, will you close your eyes or keep them open? Don’t go overboard, but have a basic plan in place! And if you need some pointers, think about those engagement photos you took and how perfect you looked!

  2. Save the super wet and freaky French kisses for later. You are MORE than welcome to have them, but your guests came to see a PG-13 kind of love story, not a porno.

  3. Start out with a hug, that’ll completely relax you and put you in that naturally-embracing space, and your kiss to follow will be playful and genuine AF.

  4. Keep the surprises to a minimum. Alright, we know we can’t script out your kiss, but as with rehearsing, you’ll need to let your guy or girl know that you don’t want any crazy surprises when the camera’s clicking. Dips and leg pops are adorable, but if he’s dipping you in your strapless dress and your boobs pop out (it’s not a good look) or you end up kicking your MOH in the crotch, you’ll be mortified.

Sorry if we stressed you out, your kiss skills are obvi top-notch. We’re just trying to turn up the tears on everyone else. They’ll cry, you’ll cry, it’ll be amazing.

Need a little more inspo? We’ve got it covered - scroll through for our favorites, and check out some other breathtaking Instagram posts of late, the smooches aren’t in short supply!

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