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14 Times Snowy Weddings Seriously Warmed Our Hearts


I’ll be totally honest, when I got engaged so many years ago, I never once considered a winter wedding. In fact, I’d say that it was 4th in line out of the seasons I’d consider saying I Do in. And my opinion is shamelessly shared by a lot of other brides who 1) think it’ll be too cold (my sister in law got married in mid January, though, and she had a 65+ degree day, is that real life?), 2) don’t want to compete with mother nature when they’re making it down the aisle, 3) would rather wear something that shows skin versus something that keeps it covered, and 4) want an outdoor affair that won’t photograph with an all-white, blizzardy background. I also didn’t really love the idea of poinsettias and jewel-toned wedding vibes.

I say this all, because since getting married in 2014, my tastes have changed and I’ve eaten my words when it comes to formerly throwing shade on the snowy season. Not only would I get married in the winter, I would make sure my dark season soiree was the wintry-est wedding ever.

Aside from making my french macaron wedding favors so-appro for the winter (yep, pretty painted reindeer), I’d take my ceremony outdoors and exchange vows al fresco. I’d swap my sweetheart, strapless dress for something a little bit lacier and long-sleeved. I’d give my girls a much richer, full-bodied dusty rose color palette for their ensembles. And I’d get a whole lot moodier with everything else. Starting with my floral decisions. Buhbye roses and calla lilies, hello anemones, magnolias, thistles, sweet peas, orchids, and a blend of berries.

What I love more than anything, though, about these frosty-weather weddings, is how magically in-love all of the brides and grooms look on their special days. There must just be some extra pixie dust in the falling snow that makes Jake Frost-bitten newlyweds look so beyond blissed-out. Add in some snow-covered mountains, velvet threads, blankets to cuddle beneath and maybe even a chic AF cape, and you’ve got a snowy, styled shoot wedding in the super-extra winter bucket bag.

And if you’re taking it one step further with a winter HOLIDAY wedding, well you’ll need to check out these Christmas-inspired wedding ideas.

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