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14 of the Raddest Tatted Brides We’ve Seen in Awhile


Maybe it’s because I’m feeling extra artistic this week (hence the double exposure excitement yesterday), but I thought I’d round up some seriously-gorgeous tattooed brides for anyone with a penchant for a little edge. These brides have a fierceness about them that is sooo refreshing, but they’re also hella feminine too. It’s lowkey the best of both worlds.

From sweet, small-of-the-back tattoos that completely erase the storied history of tramp stamps, to delicate shoulder ink that lends itself well to the layered lace applique on an overall bohemian aesthetic, to badass, fully-sleeved arms, these looks can make subtle to savage statements - but they’re all so loved-up.

Don’t know about you, but when I look at a picture of one of these boss brides, I immediately feel more confident, and that’s so cool. There’s no way these chicks would think about covering up their art on the most amazing day of their lives, and to that, we say YAAAASSS  🙌  🙌  🙌

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