13 Times Quick-Witted Quotes Perf Summed Up Your Wedding

A few weeks ago, I saw a quote hashtagged #bridesmaids and just totally LOL-ed, because it was my life…. The quote was “Bridesmaids: Nothing brings people together quite like five girls locked in a bathroom while one pees, another pumps breast milk, and the others take turns holding up the wedding dress.”

Well, while it didn’t TOTALLY match my current life circumstances, it was pretty damn close. Enough to make me chuckle. You see, I was out dress shopping in the city for my sister’s wedding gown, along with a few of our cousins (the co Maids of Honor to my Matron of Honor), mom, aunt and grandma, and I found myself having to awkwardly breast pump in the crowded bridal boutique bathroom, while my cousin compatriots tended to my sis in the dressing room. Yes, it was pretty uncomfortable, but I did it, because, well, this is what you do when you sign on for the VIP role of MOH. You just have to show up and shut up. Even if that means whipping your (-)(-) out.

I don’t know, maybe my sister should have thought about solo wedding dress shopping when she had to roll with the likes of our crew?

For other brides, it’s reposting a quote (or many) about needing to survive on caffeine and wine until their wedding days were over, or being so stressed over the planning that they contemplated taking Xanax as their #somethingblue (a little touchy, I know, but still understandably opportune, when you’re going through it ). Or the bridesmaids themselves all tagging their bestie bride-to-be in the comments of a seriously on-point meme re: you might be a bridezilla if…..

The entire process of planning a wedding is beyond bonkers, so every once and a while, being able to laugh and relieve some stress is so nec(essary). It also helps when you have a partner with a hell of a sense of humor and a bridal party full of peeps who don’t take themselves to seriously either. You’re all in it together, and remember, you’ll be cracking up at the same stuff in the future, when you’re part of their entourage.

We spotted these quotes over the last few weeks, and thought they were so timely for the #soengaged. Go ahead, scroll through and try not to smile!

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