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12 Songs to Blast In Your Bridal Suite


Le Rose Girlfriends

One of the best parts of the wedding day is getting ready with the girls. It ranks right on up there with your first look, your first kiss, that first dance. It gets you psyched for the entire rest of your day, and you’ve got everyone who means the most to you there to celebrate you, bridey, this is your show. Live it, love it. Sure, you all still have a lot to do - what with all the morning drinking, robe wearing, and glamming up that’s got to get done - but honestly, if the Maid of Honor has slayed her job and taken care of all the last-minute to-dos (the night before) to de-stress the bride and make sure all is running according to plan, then no one really has anything to worry about. It’s basically the classiest pregame for the greatest MF event you’ve ever hosted/attended, etc. so you might as well turn up and take in ALL the special moments. 

Of course, when you’re the bride, you’re basically running on auto-pilot with your list of things you better make sure you do on your wedding morning - but enjoying the whole ‘getting ready’ block on your wedding itinerary is a major must. It’s truly something that all bridesmaids who were once brides understand sooo well: how important that girl time, no matter how cheesy or high school/college-seeming it feels, really is.

Le Rose Girls Singing In PJs

So, couple things to make the morning all-the-more epic:

Prepare an extra amenities basket.

Either the bride or her MOH/one of her best bridesmaids will inevitably be putting together amenities baskets for the venue’s bathrooms - one for the boys, one for the girls - so prepping an extra just for the bridal suite/wedding morning is everything. Load that baby up with allllll the things that make sense: static guard, stain remover pens/pads, breath mints, spray deodorant, blotting papers, lint rollers, mouthwash, bobby pins (although the hair+makeup team will be bringing sooo many), safety pins, Advil, Tylenol, Tums, cough drops, lavender aromatherapy anything (for the post-rehearsal dinner hangovers). This basket will be a blessing, promise you. 

Bring some games+gossip.

Look, the getting ready part of the day may seem like it just flies by (to the bride), but to her crew, it can feel a little tedious at times. That’s why we’re all about someone taking charge to bring board games, magazines, etc. to the bridal suite. Think of it as adult game night, you’ll just be doing it during the day, with bloodies, mimosas, and bellinis instead of martinis. And why not throw in some old school faves like MASH --- don’t even, we know you loved it back then --- or even Dream Phone, if you still have it/it still works. Magazines kill, too. Treat the bridal suite like your own salon, complete with Cosmo, People, Marie Claire, Us Weekly, and as many bridal books as the bride wants to get rid of. You’re just getting an updo versus highlights. For some brides, though, maybe a wedding day haircut?!?!! 

Appoint someone as the squad mom.

And no, it doesn’t have to be an actual mom - Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, new mamas in the bridal party - just someone to make sure everyone is having fun (and doing so safely, aka not getting too sloppy before pre-wedding pics). If that means checking in with the bridal attendant or maître d every so often to request more snacks or sips for the group or to calm the bride down / take her for a walk when she’s starting to get ALL the ‘s***, I’m getting married today’ feels, then so be it. 

Find your #1 for the-ones-and-twos.

You’ll also need to enlist your coolest friend/sister/cousin to play DJ, because bridal suites should be poppin. In soooo many ways! When I was in my best friend’s wedding in September, I loveeed what her hair stylist had playing on Pandora - it was a 90s playlist, and it was SO. GOOD. Simple, fun, throwback AF. If you have a sick soundtrack happening in the background of your bridal lounge, you’ll 100p find yourself more relaxed, amped, happier, and more inclined to make good decisions about your hair and makeup. For real, wasn’t a baller playlist everything you ever needed to get ready to go out in college? Channel that for your wedding morning. Brunch, bangers, and besties, baby.

We’ve rounded up 12 of the best tracks to blast in your bridal suite. If your tribe isn’t belting these lyrics LOUD by 10AM, then you’re doing it wrong 😜. Kiddingggg.  Also, I just found this super cool site, Magic Playlist, where you can build the playlists of your dreams (and connect them to Spotify) based on a single song. Start with one of your faves, and let the music magic happen! Our thoughts: have each one of your girls do it at home and come to the bridal suite armed with their own playlist. The combination will be epic!  

Glamorous - Fergie

The Sweet Escape - Gwen Stefani

So Good - Zara Larsson Ft. Ty Dolla $ign

Dancing On My Own - Robyn

Feelin' Myself - Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé

Fancy - Iggy Azalea Ft. Charli XCX 

This Is How We Roll - Florida Georgia Line Ft. Luke Bryan

We Can’t Stop - Miley Cyrus

Better When I’m Dancin’ - Meghan Trainor

Shower - Becky G

Tequila - Dan+Shay

Beautiful Soul - Jesse McCartney

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