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12 Not-So-Basic Ways to Add Disney Magic to Your Wedding


Disney bride bridesmaid coffee cozies designs by @lnrcrochetdesignsPhoto from:

So, in everyday life, I pretty much lead the Disney princess parade. Every quote I ever gave for my yearbook was a Walt Disney classic, I’ve picked princess ball gowns to wear 9 times out of 10 for special occasions, and I’m pretty sure I have rose gold glitter coursing through my veins. Also spent the greater part of my Saturday night, a few weekends ago, watching OnDemand episodes of Disney Fairytale Weddings - #becausethatswhatonedoeswhenmomming.

But when it comes to weddings, I think we can all agree that a fairytale happily-ever-after doesn’t HAVE to be all Cinderella, glass slippers, + fireworks kind of extra. The Disney decorum can be lowkey and still make a huge impact (you’re really going for a pixie dust quality here, just hints of magic to make your special day even more memorable).

And if that means you only have eyes for dresses divinely inspired by the Disney princesses themselves, then so be it. We just thought you might like to consider 12 not-so-basic ways to add that bibbidi bobbidi beautiful to your big day. Extra points if you decide on a Disney classic for your first dance or daddy-daughter dance. 👌

12 Not-So-Basic Ways to Add Disney Magic to Your WeddingCrocheted Cozies:

Gift your girls the cutest coffee cozies

Yes, you can do a Disney bachelorette with all the teehee-worthy princess drinking novelty tees, but for the morning of your wedding, when you, bride-to-be, wake up as Sleeping Beauty, coffee seems a little more appropriate. We spotted these adorable cozies on Insta, and thought they were such sweet adds to any bridesmaid gift. Consider each of your maids’ favorite characters, and get them custom crocheted. Your colorful getting ready photos are going to be SO FUN!

12 Not-So-Basic Ways to Add Disney Magic to Your WeddingPhoto credit:

Add a carriage charm to your bouquet

If you’re a Disney bride, you can go literal with the pixie dust on your bouquet (seriously, Disney brides are no strangers to glittered petals), but we love the idea of adding a simple gold Cinderella carriage charm to the bouquet wrapper. It’s so subtle, but a perfect finishing touch - and your guests might not even notice it right away, but that’s kind of the beauty of these under-the-radar details. Kind of like finding those hidden Mickeys, right?

12 Not-So-Basic Ways to Add Disney Magic to Your WeddingPhoto credit:

Hang your dress on #somethingold

Not much to say about this amazing dress hanger. Those five words are so iconic, and you don’t even need to be getting married in a petticoat puffed princess gown to appreciate the sentimentality and feel like a princess bride.

12 Not-So-Basic Ways to Add Disney Magic to Your WeddingPhoto credit:

Rock a manicure Minnie would be jealous of

Have you thought about your wedding day nails yet? If not, we know the perfect way to paint your day with some signature WDW magic. And it’ll just take a nail artist with some serious precision. Go with a simple blush or nude shade and then have the manicurist paint teeny tiny Mickey ears or Minnie bows on one or two nails. Your 💍 will thank you for it!

Weave some Disney vows into your ceremony

Ever watch a Disney movie and think holy s***, that quote is dope!!?! Well, you’re not the first, and certainly won’t be the last. Disney animated features are chock full of inspiring, lovey-dovey quotes that wax poetic for wedding ceremonies. Hello #somethingborrowed.

P.S. You don’t even have to explain the tweaks to your vows. Your Disney die hard guests will silently nod to your creative appropriation.

12 Not-So-Basic Ways to Add Disney Magic to Your WeddingPhoto Credit:

Swap your stilettos for custom sneaks 

Cool brides swap their sky-heels for stylish sneaks at their reception, and if you can commission someone to make you custom Chucks with Mr. & Mrs. Mouse motifs, then you’ve got 🌟. We’re huge fans of these designs, especially in the high-top iteration. The couple that crashes their wedding reception wearing matching Minnie + Mickey Converses = our heroes.

12 Not-So-Basic Ways to Add Disney Magic to Your WeddingPhoto Credit:

Trick your tables out with some trademark Disney decor… and statement florals

There is nothing sweeter than vintage Disney. Saw this idea today and couldn’t stop thinking about it! This couple placed tiny little planters on tables all over their venue. They held everything from craft straws to utensils to pens at the guestbook table. And we love them for adding that signature Disney nostalgia to wedding centerpieces. That being said, if you want to turn things up even more, you can go full #clochemode with your floral centerpieces - the bell shape only ever makes us think of Belle. And you don’t even need to use red roses, either.

12 Not-So-Basic Ways to Add Disney Magic to Your WeddingPhoto credit:

Celebrate your bride and groom status

Pretty self-explanatory. You don’t have to go with Mr. & Mrs., Bride + Groom, if you can use your Disney altar egos. Beauty and the Beast. Boom.

12 Not-So-Basic Ways to Add Disney Magic to Your WeddingPhoto Credit:

Pin your guests

This might be our favorite one on the list. Favors for Disney brides can be as cheesy as they come, but if you’re having a smaller, more intimate affair, we’re pretty obsessed with giving out custom Disney pins as favors. Anyone who’s a veteran Disney aficionado knows how exciting it can be to get a new pin to add to their collection! Now, these can get a little pricey ($15+ per), so we’re not encouraging crazy favor spends, but if you can swing it, these spinning carriage pins are 🙌🙌🙌.

12 Not-So-Basic Ways to Add Disney Magic to Your WeddingPooh Bears:

Do a midnight dessert hour

You’ve already got your Prince Charming, so something tells us you won’t be turning into a pumpkin at midnight…. So, let that whole vibe inspire your wedding after-party! Do a v. Disney viennese hour. Complete with decadent princess-apropos petit fours, chocolate fountains, make your own Minnie + Mickey sundaes. And if you have little one guests who’ve stayed up way past their bedtimes, make sure there are a few mini sweet treats for them, too! These Pooh bear popsicles are too cute!!

12 Not-So-Basic Ways to Add Disney Magic to Your WeddingPhoto Credit:

Invite the famous mice themselves!

Alright, this is the best. Did you know that you can actually invite Minnie + Mickey to your wedding? And rumor has it, they’ll send you back a signed postcard with their RSVP! Not saying they’ll be able to make it, they’re pretty big deals, but even if they don’t come, you can still say that you’re besties with the biggest his and her in Disney’s history. 

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