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12 Incredible Ideas For Your Wedding Registry


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There is so much to be done. Invitations to mail, bridal party luncheons to organize and find the perfect venue for the most beautiful wedding ever. Your wedding! These are exciting days that are filled with oodles of planning, lots of detail and plenty of creative ideas to be discussed.

Why Wedding Registries Work

The bride and groom also have a little focusing to do on how their lives will look after the big day. That's where wedding registries can ease the burden of having to purchase everything themselves. The bride and groom choose a retailer they like. They register with that retailer as wedding registrants. 

As the bride and groom give careful consideration to their future material needs, they thoughtfully choose items they would care to receive. This important step helps loving friends and family members shop with ease while providing the couple with exactly what they hoped for. Helping to make their dreams come true in this way is a win-win for everyone. 

Most often, it is as easy as a one-stop-shopping experience. It isn't unusual, however, for the couple-to-be to be registered at more than one store or retailer. This broadens the gift selection and gift purchasing power substantially. 

Wedding registries are not only personal for the bride and groom. They are also very personal to those who are using them. Everyone has a different idea and price in mind to devote to the bride and groom's gift collection. The beauty here is that wedding registries provide excellent purchasing power options for everyone included.

Wedding Registry Ideas to Love

Choosing great gift options is an exciting time for the bride and groom. There are thousands of incredible items to consider. Generally, the couple will select reasonably-priced items out of respect for the purchasers. But, gift-giving is a personal thing, so the happy couple can still have fun picking items they might only dream of owning. 

Below are 12 incredible ideas for your wedding registry that may not have come to mind. Each has its own story to tell. Let's take a look and see just how many you have dreamed of owning!

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Ecovacs Deebot N79S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is ranked one of the top-of-the-line robot vacuum cleaners of the year. 

Its upgraded, quality suction power keeps homes up to 1000 square feet in tidy order. This little dynamo appliance is quiet and powerful. Smartphone app and Alexa work together to provide the best functionality, including intelligent navigation, extended battery life and thicker carpet pile cleaning capacity than other robot vacuums. It even doles out 100 minutes of super suction and cleaning power before needing to return to home base to recharge. All this, for a clean and worthwhile price range of $200.00.

Rachel Ray Cookware

Rachel Ray cookware has style and the know-how to take couples through their finest hours of meal-time preparation. This popular cookware brand comes in a variety of colors to coordinate perfectly with any kitchen decor. 

The Hard-Anodized Non-Stick 12-Pc. aluminum cookware set well-fulfills every kitchen’s basic cooking necessities, including utensils, ample-sized pots, pans and matching glass lids. All handles are designed for easy, non-slip gripping to keep accidents at bay. Compared to other aluminum cookware sets, this set is durable, quick heating, oven-safe to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and dishwasher safe. For a reliable name and product, the approximate $300 range works.

Air Fryers 

The GoWise USA electric air fryer is a fabulous little cooking darling that saves time and calories, while preparing delicious meals. Bake, grill, roast and fry all of your favorite foods. Fried foods are prepared using little to no oil and still come out nice and crispy. Convection heating evenly cooks food to perfection. Equipped with several pre-set cooking settings, this 5.8 quart-size jewel of a fryer can whip up meals for up to 4 people. At a price range of $80, no better meals are served! The best air fryers come in all shapes and sizes as well, so there’s no need to stick to the GoWise if that’s not your style.

Beautiful Rugs

Smaller items aren't the only wedding registry tools needed in a new home. Furnishings of all kinds will be needed. Beautiful area rugs provide softness, comfort underfoot and exquisite style. Considering color themes, color combinations, textures, patterns, pile height and size preferences for your home space will help friends and family with proper purchasing points to get the newlyweds comfortably into their home-sweet-home sooner than later. 

Safavieh Montauk rug collections bring modern chic into a room's atmosphere with flat-weave and tightly-woven rugs with little-to-no pile. They also carry today's updated shag rugs that offer incredible cushion, creative patterns, warmth, and texture, without that 1970's look.

Wine Refrigerators

Wine refrigerators or wine coolers are excellent appliances that impress with style, take up little room and store your favorite beverages. Choose from single zone, dual zone and built-in wine cooler accommodations to suit specific housing and product preferences. 

Single zone coolers are easy to use and an excellent choice for newbies or beginner wine enthusiasts. They provide only one cooling temperature and one cooling area. Dual zone ups the storage ante and the cost just a little by creating the right cooling atmosphere for both red and white wines. Built-in wine coolers are literally built-in to cabinetry or other structural elements within the home. They can be more expensive, taste-specific and accommodating for larger wine collections.

Wine Club Membership

What goes beautifully with a gorgeous wine cooling refrigerator? A wine club membership, of course! Let the wine connoisseur in you be delightfully surprised when new wines are delivered to your door every month or by the quarter. 

Gold Medal Wine Club has a plethora of monthly wine memberships to choose from. Tickle your taste buds with all the best grapes. From Pinot Noir to reds and whites, crisp, clean wine options are yours for the taking. Receive substantial discounts depending on the wine club selected. Other wine clubs feature private labels, bulk wine storage and closeouts. Not Gold Medal Wine Club. After more than 25 years of wine industry love and attention, this is the club to try.

Automatic Dog Feeder

It may be the couple's big day. But don't forget Fido! Busy schedules are the ultimate reason Fido needs his automatic dog feeder. Of course, automatic dog feeders are also very stylish, very convenient and easy to use. 

One of the most important purposes for an automatic dog feeder is about portion control. While owners are away, pups can be carefully fed and watered without over-consuming. This will help lower potty accidents and upset tummies while increasing feeding structures within the home. The GemPet SmartFeeder brings high-tech feeding into the picture with its built-in camera, two-way talk system and iPhone and Android app capacities. Dispenses 1-10 24ml portions. Feeding and checking in on Fido never was so easy.

Car Air Purifiers

If odors or allergens in your car need to go, the smart move is to purchase a car air purifier. Car air purifiers are easy to install, easy to use and actually help to clean and filter air quality. Dust particles, odors, exhaust fumes and bacteria can be greatly minimized, providing fresher air with fewer irritants. Some purifiers also reduce humidity which is great for those good hair days. 

Choose from Ozone based car air purifiers, ionic air purifiers and air freshener/purifier styles. Ozone based purifiers that generate beneficial negative ions for better health are good choices for short-term use. Ozone is emitted, thus negating odorous particles like lingering smoke odors, inspiring cleaner breathing. Ozone and ionic air purifiers can be plugged into the lighter slot. Some purifiers use carbon or baking soda and are installed within your car's ventilation system.

Diy Home Security Systems

Moving into a brand new home has its perks and responsibilities. Home security is a critical part of owning a home. Many times, professionally installed, hard-wired home security systems can be very expensive. Finding the best do-it-yourself home security system can save big bucks while providing home spaces with the security it needs. 

Smart security systems require no contract agreements, are generally less expensive and do not require invasive or messy cable installation methods. DIY home security kits are available for all levels of handyman enthusiasts. Basic hubs, cameras and wireless sensors are very effective in providing decent security measures. Some of the best DIY home security system costs range between $200-$500, depending on desired security functionality and performance preferences. A good mid-range DIY system is the Simplesafe Home Security System "Knox" Package 2018. Expect to pay between $350-$400.

Airline Tickets

What newlywed couple couldn't use a couple of airline tickets to explore new romance together? Airline tickets are fabulous wedding registry gift ideas to take couples where they've never gone before. A wonderful honeymoon gift or gift to use once the wedding excitement settles down, airline tickets can sweep newlyweds off their feet and onto a whole new adventure. 

If frequent flyer points are accumulated, airline companies like United Airlines permit members to collaborate earned miles with its United Airline registry. Simply provide guests who wish to contribute with a link to the airline registry. Gift cards and gift certificates are also convenient ways to get couples to the church across the globe on time. The dollar contribution amount allowed says the sky's the limit, as long as it is somewhere between $10-10,000.

His And Hers Golf Vacation Destinations

For the outdoorsy couple, his and hers golf clubs enhance the great tradition supporting, a couple that plays together, stays together. Many newlyweds are ready to honeymoon at any one of the finest golf courses in the country. They will need quality golf clubs to meet the challenges many of the better courses require.

Regardless of what level golf the Mr-and-Mrs-to-Be are playing, it's all about playing their best. Purchasing men's and women's golf club sets along with a day or two of professional golf lessons will get them on their way to tripping the links fantastic. 

Dick's Sporting Goods knows a thing or two about great golf club sets. From novice to elite players, great golf club sets with bag are available. What better hot spot to give those clubs a swing is there other than Hilton Head? This elite golf destination leaves nothing to the imagination when it comes to experiencing all the finer things in golf.

Home Goods That Work, Rock And Impress

600210_prettybarcartRegistry Tips:

Home goods is a pretty broad spectrum of items that most homes incorporate. From cleaning agents to accessories, from bedding to appliances, from tools to home improvement, finding great retailers that provide quality items like these is a must. Here is a list of many walk-in/online stores that are happy to fulfill all of those wedding registry/home needs and necessities. 

Bed, Bath And Beyond
Home Depot
Best Buy
Pottery Barn
Williams Sonoma

Unusual Wedding Registry Options 

honeyfundSee More:

Honeymoon Registry 
Guests can make unconventional contributions to all or parts of the bride and groom's honeymoon getaway.
This registry covers everything from material items to fabulous experiences like spas, travel and more. 
Homebuilding Registry

Great for home improvements or down payments on specialized items. 
Crowdfunding Registry
Creates a space for charitable contributions and other ideas that don't necessarily have a specific name or reference. 
Gift Card Registry
Guests can register you for gifts cards to almost any of the popular retailers. 

Socially Conscious Registry-seven Hoped United
Supports impaired artists worldwide with oodles of fair trade and more traditional purchasing options like margarita glasses, bedding and kitchen items. 

Establishing personalized wedding registries doesn't have to be daunting. There's a new kind of excitement when it comes to registering for ideas couple's hearts desire. These ever-so-creative registry ideas are the perfect way to bring happy couples, friends and family together.

Author Bio: Sandy Gregorio is a freelance creative writer who collaborates with various lifestyle enthusiasts to share her experiences through the written word. She especially loves writing about weddings and the various elements that make each one special. Sandy worked as a content marketing specialist in her formal life, but recently left to pursue a full-time freelance career. 

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