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12 Fall Coffee Drinks to Sip If You’re Done Being Basic


Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Latte Recipe from:

October 2nd. It’s October 2nd and I’ve already been sipping on pumpkin spice - and various other PSL iterations - for over a month 🎃. I don’t think I can ever really move on from the fall fave, but I don’t know, as Halloween creeps in and Thanksgiving gets closer, I’m kind of feeling like I need to say goodbye to the old standby. Or at the very least, make room for other festive bevs, #nonewfriends isn’t applicable rn.

I also need to stop spending money on coffee. Starbucks and Dunkin’ exist today because of my loyal patronage, seriously, but it kind of makes me sick when I’m in my Dunkin’ app, and I can’t press “ORDER,” because I need to refill my card amount first… Didn’t I just add $30 to the card the other day? Poor, poor, poor, poor, pooooooor. 💸💸💸

Vanilla Cinnamon London Fog Latte
Recipe from:

So, in the spirit of fall beverages that can be made at home and aren’t pumpkin spice-flavored, here are some of the coolest caffeinated finds we plucked from Pinterest (and pinned from some awesome bloggers). Not only are they pretty and certifiably fall, they’re guaranteed to give you all those warm and toasty feels - with ingredients like nutmeg, cardamom, apple, maple, honey, cinnamon… As I type this, I’m getting nostalgic for fall game days and hot apple cider. Stay tuned for THAT post next week heheh.

You can probably find these at any of your local coffee shops, too, and they’ll probably come with all the fun latte art. We leave that to the pros, because they’re the barista bosses. Pretty sure me trying to make a 👻 on top would look scary AF.

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Blue Milk Matcha LatteRecipe from:

Charcoal Latte Recipe from:

S'Mores LatteRecipe from:

Chamomile Tea LatteRecipe from:

Nutella LatteRecipe from:

Dirty Chai LatteRecipe from:

Homemade Cinnamon Dolce LatteRecipe from:

Honey lavender latteRecipe from:

Iced Maple LatteRecipe from:

Iced salted honey latteRecipe from:

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