11 Celeb-Inspired Looks That Will KILL at Your Engagement Party

Yes, it’s Christmas time and we’re obviously very excited about all the holiday fun to be had in the next few weeks… but it’s also our favorite time of year: proposal season (which kicked off right after Thanksgiving and usually keeps up until Valentine’s Day), and whether you’re the bride or bestie to [the bride], engagement parties will be the next big thing on your social calendars.

If you’re single over the holidays and need to brave these love fests alone, stay strong, we gotchu. And if you’re holding out for your own ring on your finger, we’ll help you navigate all the eavesdropping on your engagement.

While we love e-parties for so many reasons - need a refresher on why, check out all the happs that went down at Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s NYC engagement party - the best part of it all is the fashion opportunity. Especially for the bride, because, well, it’s all about her, and it’s the first time she’ll be making her debut as an oh-so-engaged feyonce. So, she better slayyyy. 💁🏻

And how, do you ask, does she do it? Easy peasy. Check it!!

she wears something fierce

While the bride might go the conservative route in what she wears to dinner with her fiancé and family (parents, in laws, all the fam that matters the most) to celebrate just getting engaged, she should pick something that’s just a bit stronger for her official engagement party. It’s truly a coming out party, so it’s time to channel all of your inner Serena van der Woodsen debutante energy into a 🙌 🙌 🙌 moment. Doesn’t need to be couture, doesn’t need to be a dress (Joe Jonas’s future Mrs. wore a tailored suit to hers and it was everything), and doesn’t need to be what anyone would expect from a ‘classic’ bride. It just needs to be appro for you. You, but with some extra sass. You’re a bride now.

she wears something white

Okay, for the sake of this post, we’ll say that all brides should at least consider wearing white, because tradition. But if you’re not a fan of the chaste color, then don’t feel obligated to make it happen. We happen to love an all-white ensem, especially because you really don’t get opportunities to embrace a single color palette like this on the reg. #bridetime is special and fleeting. If you’d rather rock something in color (perhaps your wedding color(s)) or a print, then you werk. Actually, the whole inspo behind this post came from seeing a photo that Michelle Monaghan shared. She looked incredible in high-waisted, white lacy shorts with a tucked-in stained-glass-looking top. Dead.

she keeps accessories and makeup to a minimum

To recall an earlier point, it’s all about the outfit and one particularly important piece of jewelry. So, everything else can be straight-forward and simple. White goes well with minimal makeup, maybe just a chic cherry red pout and sky high lashes. And as for the other accessories - let your ring shine - but perhaps pop on a statement bangle or some gorgeous shoes… maybe even ones you don’t think you’d wear on your wedding day, but for this special occasion, surely.

Here are some celebrity outfits we’ve ❤️ on the gram recently. The inspo is 👌