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10 Tips to Hiring Your Wedding Master of Ceremonies


10 Tips to Hiring Your Wedding Master of Ceremonies Photo by:

As you begin to plan your wedding, or work with your wedding planner, you’ll very quickly realize that there are a lot of moving parts to a wedding. That’s simply because…there are a lot of moving parts to a wedding! There are so many factors and elements to consider. While sorting through the necessities, you will think about your dress, floral décor, invitations, hair, make-up etc. Although you will spend months, or potentially even years, preparing for your big day, keep in mind, the key elements of the celebration, post-“I Do’s”. Make sure to consider the environment that you’d like to create when dreaming about the details. A truly unique, once-in-a-lifetime wedding celebration combines the aesthetics of the day with the flow of the evening’s celebration, and together, becomes one of the happiest, most memorable days of your life.

As determined, there are many factors to consider when selecting those that will assist you with your big day (as it’s definitely a team effort). One of the most important elements to your wedding’s success is the event’s entertainment. This includes the DJ and/or band, and the Master of Ceremonies. Your MC will not only be the voice of your reception, but a representation of you and your fiancé, to your guests. Much of this will be based on their preparation, polish, and personality. Fortunately, there are ways that you can narrow down which event entertainers will be the best fit for your day. Below are 10 tips to hiring your wedding MC...


1. First and foremost, understanding what a professional Master of Ceremonies is. Don’t be ashamed or shy about admitting to not knowing – it is a common misconception that the DJ and MC play the same role! In actuality, the DJs (or band members) tend to the music while MCs makes the necessary announcements, direct the formalities, create the entertainment timelines, and ensure that all other event partners (as well as you, your family, and anyone toasting) are aware of next steps, at all times. The good ones do it with proper timing, pacing, and poise.

Get the 411 on your MC

2. Do some research about the MC you’re considering working with for your big day. If the event entertainment company that you’re considering has various MCs available – ask to see information regarding each one. Sort through videos, reviews, and any other additional materials (do they write blogs, are they featured in media, how do they present themselves on social media, etc.). One of the key elements to look for in your research is professional development. Is the considered MC attending industry functions, seminars, or conferences? They should be – as your considered MC should have the “there’s always room for improvement” mentality.

Have a meeting

3. Meet (or teleconference) with them! I understand that meeting/interviewing each MC that you’re considering seems like an intimidating time investment, but it’s a necessary one, and you’ll certainly be glad that you did. When you meet with them, whether in person or on video, analyze them with precision. What questions are they asking you? What are they wearing to your consultation? Would you want their personality and approach, to be the representation of your character and spirit, as a couple, to your guests?

What's your vibe?

4. Assess what type of presentation you’re looking for, as well as the kind of personality or “vibe” you want for your reception. This is a bit more than figuring out if it’ll be a white-tie gala or a laid back dinner with some dancing (although that’s an important foundation to determine). Do you want the aura of classical elegance and sophistication? Do you want a “college dance party” or “nightclub” atmosphere? Do you want a combination of both? Will you AND your grandparents enjoy the presentation that you select? This is where selecting an MC that not only matches the presentation that you’re looking to accomplish comes into play, but their input could also help optimize that presentation.

Spice it up

5. Creativity is king! Is the MC bringing creative ideas to the table? I fully understand that not everyone wants to go outside the box, but since you’re on and doing the research, I imagine you value creativity and personalization for your big day! Through experience and imagination, the MC should bring different ideas and solutions to you, to help personalize your day. 

Do you like their approach?

6. Are there rules? There shouldn’t be, but sometimes, certain MCs like doing things in a certain way. I personally have elements that I like to carry through when I perform, and I share my reasoning with my couples, but ultimately, it is their decision to proceed with them or not. The MC that you choose should have your best intentions in mind. If something isn’t feasible, they should be able to articulate it, as well as offer alternatives and solutions.

You are the star of the show

7. “Who is the star of the show?” If you pose this question to a potential MC that you’re considering, and the answer is anything but “you are”, please move on to the next MC being considered. I’m not saying that this is a “act like a diva” card, as you should have mutual respect for all of your event partners, but my point is that there shouldn’t be anything to take away from the reason that your guests came to your wedding in the first place – you guys! As an MC, I understand that I have a microphone and control every situation – but I do so to announce and direct attention to, the happy couple.

Personalize your event

8. A talker or listener? As event entertainers, we love to talk. We chose a profession that combines public speaking, with celebration, and personalization. Experienced MCs come prepared with options, stories, examples, and knowledge that they can’t wait to share. The top-tier ones wait to share. They understand that they can’t personalize your event or guide you in the right direction, if they don’t know anything about you, or your vision/goals for your celebration. Much like in choosing the right life partner – pick a listener (and doer), not a talker.

Get comfortable

9. Determine if you’re a good fit! This one can get tricky when you meet with several quality MCs, but look for that “click”. You should feel the stars aligning, and feel increasingly more comfortable with them. Perhaps it’s similar to that inexplicable feeling that you felt on your first date with your fiancé, or at the moment that you realized that they were “the one”. Comfort level is so vital because you’re selecting someone who you will be working together with, intimately, for a good amount of time. A note worth mentioning is that you should trust your intuition, and not listen to others. Many venues, planners, photographers, etc. have lists of recommended partners. I’m on these various lists. I also have lists of professionals that I enjoy working with that I know curate excellent work – but I ALWAYS stress that my couples meet with them and decide on their own. The lists stay the same; the personalities of each couple varies from couple to couple – be sure that you’re a good fit.

Music is everything

10.  Invest properly. When considering your budget, allocate the proper percentage for the MC and entertainment as you believe is important to the success of the event. If you have a DJ or band, an MC is necessary to allow the respective artists to tend to their craft. I understand that preferences may vary regionally, and some countries think of a DJ and MC as one, and some band leaders fill certain aspects of an MC role, but I HIGHLY suggest having a designated Master of Ceremonies, to ensure a carefully tended to, personalized, and properly paced celebration!

B-b-b- Bonus!

*Bonus! Stress Relief: Various stresses may impose onto your preparations, but with a plan of action and determined stress relief methods, you will freely continue on your course. Whether it’s yoga, regimented gym sessions, or scheduled spa days with your wedding party, institute various techniques to maintain your positive attitude and celebratory experiences.

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About the Author: Artem Lomaz is the founder and Principal Event Host at NinetyThree Entertainment. A multi-award winning professional wedding MC, he was recently named DJ Times’ 2018-19 “Entertainer of the Year”. An extreme attention to detail and focus on personalization, have Artem in high demand for luxury weddings and destination events by the most selective event planners and clientele.

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