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10 Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding from a Real Bride


10 Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding from a Real Bride

You may remember this gorgeous bride, Sky Naite from totally unique typical rehearsal dinner partybeach engagement story and the importance of communicating with your partner. We are super pumped to share some of her Santorini wedding photos as well her best advice for planning a destination wedding. Read on for 10 tips for planning the perfect destination wedding.

Destination Wedding Ideas


Visit the venue at least once before. I've heard of many couples booking the venue in a city they've never gone to with wedding planners they've never met. It's extremely important to know the layout of the venue, distance between your hotel + venue. 

Destination Wedding in Santorini, Greece


Make sure to book a hotel that's preferably walking distance from the wedding venue as it will avoid many things that could go wrong, such as you forgetting something and having to go back, traffic or car itself being late. Also, who wants to be stranded in a car before?

Wedding getting ready robes.


Pick 3-5 hotels at different price points for your guests next to your venue. It will be easier to keep track of who's where and you'll be 100% sure everyone will know where the venue is as most likely it will be walking distance, they also won't be late as they'll be familiar with the area beforehand.

Destination Wedding Dress by Island Tribe


If you're having a destination wedding, most likely they're all paying for their own flights, hotels and are putting breaks on their lives to take a week off and come support you on your big day. Make sure to plan at least one activity for all. Date of the activity is just as important as the activity itself. You want to make sure it's an activity guests will not want to miss, picking an activity two days before the wedding is ideal. That way you know that all the guests have made it to the destination and there will be no incidents on delayed flights the day of the wedding etc.

Destination Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Wedding Props

Take advantage of the fact that you can bring some things with you. We checked in quite a few luggages filled with 2 floaties for boat day, table numbers, parasols, napkins etc. for the wedding day. You'll save money and sort of have an idea of what decor will look like the day of.

10 tips for planning a perfect destination wedding.


Do not tell the wedding venue the exact number of guests until the last day you have. Create a spreadsheet for yourself and keep track of who's booked their flights and who still hasn't booked a hotel. Hotels are usually non refundable so those that have booked flights and hotels are usually 100% in, while those who have not yet booked one out of the two are still deciding but most likely don't want to tell you just yet.

Island Tribe destination wedding dress.

Group Chat

The best ice breaker for a destination wedding is creating a group chat on whataspp. Texts lots of times do not go through outside country nor will you have energy or time to text every one of them same thing over and over. Group chat will give them a chance to introduce themselves, most likely they'll be on same flights and you'll only have to send itinerary once.

tips-for-planning-a-destination-wedding21530 wedding destination wedding guests is a magic number to where you can have an amazing time and chat with every one of them.

Wedding Guests

The fewer, the better - trust me. 30 is a magic number to where you can have an amazing time and chat with every one of them. We invited 50 and had 27 show up as 3 dropped out the week off.

Get married in Santorini.

Wedding Night

Staying at the hotel next to the venue is great but it's extremely important to stay at a further hotel for the night of the wedding. That way you're ensured no one crashes at your hotel on the night of your wedding as it's extremely close to the wedding.

Sunset destination wedding portraits.

Post-Wedding Brunch

Yes, you've already paid for an activity for all but post-wedding brunch is just as important. You want to make sure you show how thankful you are that all the guests have traveled the across the world for you so why not chat about the good times from the night before at the brunch?

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