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10 Times Hand-Lettered Designs Had Our Hearts


Does anyone else share my crazy love for calligraphy? If so, raise your hand! 🙋 Seriously, I could spend hours stalking some of my favorite script-ers, and really do, and still not feel like my creative appetite is satisfied. Because just one video of a talented calligrapher doing her thing isn’t enough. Really, I’ve watched Laura Hooper write “Don’t just wish for it, work for it” ad nauseam and I can still press play and be completely mesmerized.

You see, like a lot of calligraphers, I am OBSESSED with stationery and penmanship (@marykatemoon, I you took the [written] words right out of my mouth!). I used to lovvvve cursive classwork in elementary school, and still don’t understand how honing good handwriting isn’t a priority for students anymore. As someone who has a husband with horrendously-awful handwriting, I refuseeee to let our son follow in his father’s footsteps. #chickenscratchjustwontdo. Even if my little guy doesn’t get handwriting homework, I’ll make sure he can write a proper and legible letter. Can’t write out his thank yous forever (although, considering how much I just love the feel of a gel-point pen making sweet, silky flourishes, I can’t make any promises).

We’re still wondering whether the future Duchess of Sussex will put her calligraphy skills to good use, come May 19th.

Even though I’ve been a fan of calligraphy for years, I didn’t hire a calligrapher for my wedding, and I definitely have regrets about it. My sister-in-law had someone hand letter/address all of her wedding invites way back when, and it was beyond gorgeous. Navy blue ink, swirly-twirly fonts, just too good. And now that my sister is getting married, she’s having a close friend of hers (and bridesmaid) work her magic on ALL of her wedding signage - from framed escort card table art to a hand-painted sign to adorn the ring bearer and flower girl’s wagon. And here I am, oozing with jealousy.

Of course, because the craft doesn’t come easy to everyone - hardly - it isn’t cheap. And that’s why so many couples choose not to have their invites or wedding day decor commissioned by a creative. So sad. That’s why we love Minted. The brand has an entire collection of calligraphy-inspired designs that is 👌, but won’t wreck your wedding budget.

Whether you choose a save-the-date splendidly scribbled with metallic foiling or go for a more whimscal, fairy-tale-esque template that couples script with basic lettering, you can certainly elevate the look of your design, without going for broke.

Swipe though for a look at 10 of our faves… and if you’re newly-engaged, check out some of the awesome engagement party invites - many of which have that calligraphy charm!

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