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10 Things Every Newly-Engaged Bride Needs Right Now


There are few things better than newly-engaged giddiness - post-grad pride is quickly upended by that ‘I s*** I’m an adult now” sense of responsibility and following feels of dread, newly-minted mamas feel it with their newborn babes, until they’re going on 46 minutes of sleep over the course of 5 days and wondering when the next shower might happen whilst they’re covered in vomit, poop, and unidentified dried baby liquids. Yep, that new bride-to-be status and sparkle is REAL hard to dull, you kind of just feel high 24/7 (from endless champagne toasts and lots of sugar, jeeze!). And while you bask in that newly engaged afterglow, you also still have ALL the things to look forward to - your bridal shower, bachelorette, wedding, honeymoon, marital bliss, a super hot married sex life, and on and on and on….

If you decide to have an engagement party, which we highly recommend, you’ll get a lot of gifts and cards to celebrate you and your love being engaged AF, but before that happens, you’re going to need to build that basic bride arsenal - because it’s the only time you can be as extra as you want to be. And not feel ashamed about it. Nottt going to say that your friends won’t occasionally talk about you behind your back, but who GAF? They’re not the bride, so buhbye 😘.

But first things first, before you start dipping into that wedding budget for all the superficial extras - bride badges, sounds more official that way - get that gorgeous new ring of yours some protection. My dad has been nightmaring me for YEARS to get my engagement ring insured, and it’s beyond annoying, but I still haven’t done it. And now with a one-year-old at home, and new mom brain owning my life, my sparkler is in serious trouble. You might not think it’s necessary, but it is, it soooo is.

Alright, we’ll stop lecturing and adulting for now, go be a bride, and get your hands on some of this such-a-bride stuff. Or tell your besties, sisters, cousins, MOB, to help you out. This also works really well as an engagement party wish list….  👉👉👉

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