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10 Special Things to Do for Bae on Your Wedding Night


Special Things to Do For Your Partner on Wedding Night Photo by Madi Robson-Photo:

The one thing every bride and groom will tell you about the big day is that is goes by ridiculously fast. And before you know it, you’re feeling hungry, horny, perhaps even a little hungover (if you’ve been sipping since sunset), but hopelessly in love, and ready to have your first night together as newylweds. Whether you decide to partake in wedding night sex or would rather sit this one out because you’re absolutely exhausted, you’re entitled to do anything you want. The road to the altar is a long strange trip, so your first night in can either be balls to the wall or magically mellow. And we’re fans of both. Just make sure that whatever you do, you make it special for each other.

I remember thinking how insanely tired I was after my wedding, that all I wanted to do was get out of my corsetted gown (BEST FEELING EVER, 10X better than that high you get after taking off a pair of pantyhose), take off my makeup, shower, and PTFO. Because yes, we had a post-wedding brunch the next day, and I wanted to get as much sleep in as possible before having to impress our guests again. That being said, I put my yawns on hold, got in some yoga pants - don’t even care, because my new hubby made sure not to ask anything stupid (AKA, ‘are you really wearing that?’) - rallied and turned up at our after-party, and then proceeded to turn down, hard, an hour or so later.

Special Things to Do For Your Spouse on Wedding Night Photo by Andre HunterPhoto:

We said ‘I love you,’ kissed each other goodnight, and then hit the pillow. And it’s a damn shame, too, because we paid an extra few hundo to upgrade our regular, comped hotel room to the bangin’ bridal suite. What a waste… ugh. I still can’t believe our lameness.

Anyway, since soooo many couples wonder about the wedding night, and what will go down, we figured it’d be a good time to share some extra ways to make it special for your new spouse. 

There is no WRONG way to celebrate your wedding night - whether you throw on that ‘do not disturb’ sign lickety split, order in some room service or Domino’s (pizza is always the right decision) and watch your favorite movie together, or go straight to sleep, it’s all good 👍 The big thing is just to make sure each of you is feeling special and loved. So, we put together a few things to consider if you’re all about that magical first night. We’ve got your romance ✔️, we’ve got your sexy ✔️, and we’ve got your sweet ✔️. Read on lovebirds!

Special Things to Do for Your Spouse on Wedding Night Photo by Jenna NormanPhoto:

Keep the bartender on tap for just a few more

Maybe it’s just me, but I really didn’t feel like drinking AT ALL on my wedding day. I think it was just too stressful, chaotic, blurry already, people kept bringing me drinks - glasses of champagne, amaretto sours, LITs (yes, I love) - and I took a few sips and then put my cup down and forgot about it. I did; however, have a few cocktails at our after party. Because I was more relaxed and mellow, and could choose who I wanted to talk to. So, we love the idea of keeping the tab open just a little while longer, and doing an after-party with your nearest and dearest. Maybe you set up a nice whisky+cigar bar for him, maybe he brings in a master mixologist to whip up cosmos for you and the girls. Either way, it’s intoxicating.

Rent a sick ride from the reception to your room 

Let your friends and fam take the shuttle, wave goodbye as they hop into their Ubers, as you enjoy something a little more crazy cool. For this, though, you’ll need to arrange the logistics well in advance and make sure you guys aren’t driving under the influence. Otherwise, you might have to ditch the vintage wheels or fast and furious Ferrari for a more tame horse and carriage ride. So what? You can still make out in the back!

Special Things to Do For Your Spouse on Wedding Night Photo by Clem OnojeghuoPhoto:

Embrace tradition or have a little fun with it

So… not sure whether the groom carrying the bride over the threshold is still a thing anymore, but we love the chivalry in it. We also love the idea of having the groom piggyback on his bride as they come in the door. These silly traditions are still so sweet, and they’re a memory that you’ll always remember. Remember “Just Married,” when Ashton Kutcher carried Brittany Murphy over the threshold and smacked her head into the door frame. Of course, we’re not advising that, but it’s so endearing. Newlywed cuteness is adorable.

Help each other undress and get comfy

As I mentioned before, taking off my dress was one of the most relieving, freeing and hard things to do after my wedding. I needed my hubby to help untether my corset in the worst way. And then there were alllllll those bobby pins to pluck from my updo. Every girl needs to do these things at the end of the night, so it’s a really nice thing, if she has her honey to help. We actually think it’s super sweet if you both help each other unwind, and get your wedding ensembles hung up safely - so that they’re not a wrinkled mess by the next morning.

Special Things to Do For Your Spouse on Wedding Night Photo by Katy DuclosPhoto:

Book a last minute massage

On demand massages aren’t a lie. And when you’ve been dancing all night, making small talk with all your guests (some who you love, others who you could do without), and stressing throughout your entire engagement, you kind of deserve one. You can call up one of your favorite spas and see if they have masseuses who will make house/hotel calls, or you can hit up an on-demand massage app like Zeel, and see if you can book a surprise for you and your boo after the big day has concluded. Just thinking about this has our stress melting away….

Go for the couple robes, really

Showering can be one of the best parts of your wedding day, so it makes sense if you both have something super fluffy and luxurious to throw on after you step out of the steam. Be a little extra, too, go for those newlywed robes that are so cheesy, but also heavenly. And if you’re not showering together, then either one of you write a special mirror message to the other one. “Love you hubby,” “Love you wifey,” or “Can’t believe we’re married 😊.” Again, silly, but so sweet.

Special Things to Do For Your Spouse on Wedding Night Photo by Skyler KingPhoto:

Figure out some food

You two are going to be famished, for real. So, to ensure neither of you gets too hangry, we suggest talking to your caterer or event coordinator ahead of time and seeing whether you could get a few samples from your cocktail hour, dinner and dessert shipped on up to your suite. As for some other edibles, if you’re thinking you might want some sexy snacks for naughty nibbling, then maybe go out on your own a few nights before the wedding, and stock up on strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate covered cherries, hot fudge, etc. And just have them ready in the mini bar! If your girl has her yummies and he has his, well, you’ll be in good shape for some sensual times ahead.

Set the mood with some tunes
Whether you started dating in high school, in college, at work or elsewhere, everyone can get down with a nice mixtape. And we love the idea of putting something together that honors and throws back to your entire relationship over the years. Wouldn’t even be bad if you borrowed one of your grandparents’ record players and turned things up with some v. sexy vinyl - Marvin Gaye, Barry White, etc. That being said, a good ol fashioned Spotlfy playlist or something you dug up on Digster would be great too. Just make sure you stock up on sexy tracks and include a number of songs that your partner likes to get down to. Slow jams to slow dance to first, for sure. 

Special Things to Do For Your Spouse on Wedding Night Photo by Matthew HenryPhoto:

Have a friend take some pics that you can peep together

What’s that saying - find someone who you can lay in bed with at the end of the day and scroll through Instagram with? You might not have any of your pro proofs back yet, but what’s more romantic than having one of your besties take some presh pics of the two of you throughout your wedding day, and then laying in bed and swiping through them all together. This might be a great time to break out your boudoir photo album to gift your guy too.

Lingerie exchange

We’ve said it before, but the wedding night is the perfect occasion for you or your new wifey/hubs to step up your lingerie game. Whether you debut something you got at your bridal shower or bought in the weeks leading up to the big night, your partner will love it and it’ll be nice and special for your night of lovemaking or not. Not only reserved for her, either - ladies, your dudes won’t ever go back to boxer boredom if they can try out silk or satin ones. Food for thought 😉

Special Things to Do For Your Spouse on Wedding Night Photo by Wesley QuinnPhoto:

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