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10 Sparkler Wedding Exits that Stole the Show

Girl - you ✨ sparkle ✨ and you know it! Why not shine in a sparkler send off? Sparklers are fun and festive and create a really cool ambience and of course AMAZING photos. We've found 10 of the most steal-worthy sparkler exits you'll want to copy. Be sure to check with your venues as some venues have a strict NO SPARKLER policy. Hopefully not yours, but if your venue is anti-sparkler, don't be sad because I have some other equally mesmerizing options  for you.
Sparkler Alternatives

Bubble exits are really fun.
Petal exits are super romantic.
Dried Lavender smells amazing and won't poke your eye out.
Confetti is super hip and colorful.
Streamers leave no mess behind!

TIP: Be sure you check with your venue regarding any send-off to make sure it's copacetic. We don't want anyone getting busted on their big day. It's also IMPERATIVE that you tell your photographer in advance so they can prepare for the perfect shot.