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10 Perfect Disney Father-Daughter Dance Songs

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When I got married, I only had ONE father-daughter dance song in mind: “Butterfly Kisses.” I was nine when the song came out, and I remember hearing it on the radio and absolutely falling in love with it. I would play it on my boombox (where else?) and my dad would tear up somewhere in the background. Naturally, the lyrics were pretty rough - "Walk beside the pony Daddy, it's my first ride… I know the cake looks funny, Daddy, but I sure tried." Chills. Always. But it was just so poignant to me. Every word hit home soooo hard. So, as soon as I was engaged, I couldn’t wait to say ‘Alright, Dad, man up, it’s time for Butterfly Kisses.’

Long story short, I didn’t get my way. My dad said that he just couldn’t do it - the fact that he was seeing me in a white dress, with makeup on, and the man of my dreams down the aisle was already emotionally draining. Dancing to that song, and the perfectly on-point phrasing “She'll change her name today. She'll make a promise, and I'll give her away.” Well, it would just about put him over the edge. So, I sadly honored his wishes and struck the track off my wedding playlist. Instead, we danced to an Italian song “Piccolo Fiore” (translation - ‘Little Flower’) and my Uncle sang it for us - rehearsed a few times with our wedding band and everything. It was sweet. And meaningful.

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Yep, I was sad, especially since my sister has already laid down the law for her father-daughter dance this fall - but I can’t blame him. I sing to my baby boy before he goes to bed at night, and just imagining him getting married one day makes me hormonal mess.

Anyhow, since Butterfly Kisses is hardly one of the most unique father-daughter songs out there, I thought it was high time to pull a new list of tunes totally ideal for when a daughter ties the knot. Disclaimer, I was inspired by Disney. If some of the greatest quotes to ever grace modern day wedding vows came from the House of Mouse, so can the lyrics.

Some are hella sentimental and inspirational, others do a better job of highlighting that best-friendship between daddy and his girl, and the rest, well they’re all about wishes and following your dreams. Sappy, but in the best way possible. Oh, also, Phil Collins wrote the book on magical father-daughter tracks….

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Scroll through for 10 Disney songs that are so appropriate for your father-daughter dance 👇

When you wish upon a star - Pinocchio

When she loved me - Toy Story 2

If I didn’t have you - Monster’s Inc.

Look through my eyes - Brother Bear

Your heart will lead you home - The Tigger Movie

Somewhere out there - An American Tail

Baby mine - Dumbo

Best of friends - The Fox and the Hound

The circle of life - The Lion King

You’ll be in my heart - Tarzan