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10 Modern Wedding Cake Cutting Songs

The cake cutting tradition brings us so much joy. It can symbolize commitment to provide for each other, fortune and good luck! In some recent weddings I've attended I have missed the cake cutting completely. Not sure if it wasn't announced, or I was too busy dancing. So to make that moment in time special for you and your guests pick a romantic or fun song to boost the cake cutting mood. Get your guests ready to watch you both dig in and then as a guest you can dive in yourself.

Wedding Cake Traditions

Cake smash: This is a much wanted photo op for your photographer + guests. As popular as it is don't feel like it is necessary. Not all of us want cake smashed in our faces on our wedding day. The clean up sounds hard. How about just a nice fork full?

Keeping the top: It is said that saving the top tier is a special reminder of your big day. You are to thaw and eat it on your first year anniversary, a momentous occasion! It is up to you and your new hubby how you will preserve this wedding cake of yours. Maybe saving it for your one week anniversary might be a little easier? 😋

Tiers on tiers: Traditionally wedding cakes were up to 7 tiers of straight up sugar. Now days your wedding cake is capable of anything.  Wedding cakes can be expensive so don't feel any guilt on purchasing a small cake for cutting, and some other delicious pastries for guests to enjoy at their own discretion.


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