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10 Holiday Cocktails You Need to Make This Weekend


Not going to lie, it’s taken me a littttttle while to get into the holiday spirit this year, despite posting about the best Christmas things around - Christmas makeup, winter wedding favors, all the things, really. But this weekend is my family’s annual Christmas cookie making/decorating/drinking night and it’s ALWAYS one of my favorite nights of the year. If I’m not quoting Chevy Chase by the end of it, I’ve officially become a Grinch and that’s my worst fear.

Anyhow! It’s tradition for us (my sister, mom, aunt, and cousins) to come prepared with a new cookie for the fam baking archives and a drink for the 21+ peeps to indulge in while marathoning festive flicks from Christmas Vacation to Four Christmases all night. Truth be told, the Bailey’s comes out pretty quickly, but this year, I plan to step up my mixology game.

I’ve seen a ton of stunning sips pop up on my feed in the last month, and I’ve been saving them for this very special occasion. So, I couldn’t be more excited than if I was actually jet-setting for the holiday and trading peppermint mocha white russians by the fireplace for pina coladas by the pool.

Now, I can’t promise that my DIY drink-mixing skills will be anywhere near those of these Insta stars. But I’ll do my best with the sparkling inspiration I’ve gleaned from the gram. And who knows, maybe I’ll set up a sweet sober and booze (optional) hot cocoa bar too… hitting the bar cart TOO early in the night is a recipe for a Christmas Eve (morning) disaster. And I’m not about that life.

So, scroll through for some of the prettiest holiday drinks you’ve seen since last year. From fizzy tipples to libations that sparkle like that OH-SO-EXTRA lit house down the street, these 10 cocktails will have you and your house guests floating with those warm and toasty feels.

And let’s not forget about that insanely gorgeous Holiday Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail we whipped up last month…

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