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10 High-Tech Ways to Make Your Wedding Even More Memorable


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Brides often get swept up in the process of planning their wedding. It's fun to think about all the fine details that will make your dream a reality, but every bride shares one goal in common. Everyone wants their day to be memorable.

That may mean you buy a cake with a unique design or share a special song for your first dance. It can also mean adding something new to your big day, which many brides do through the use of technology.

Read on to learn about 10 high-tech ways to make your wedding even more memorable.

1. Stream Your Ceremony

wedding selfie

Although the people who love you will want to be at your ceremony, they may not be able to afford the trip. Traveling is expensive and takes time away from work. Brides are removing this wedding barrier by streaming their ceremony.

There are tons of online platforms where you can Livestream your vows for free. Use your social media platforms or log into a new site dedicated to just streaming events. Include the link in your RSVPs and offer it as a way for long-distance guests to still see your wedding without needing to travel.

2. Print 3D Favors

wedding favors

Wedding favors are easily personalized. Sometimes they're baskets of gifts, and other times they may be a bag of desserts to take home. You can make your wedding especially memorable for guests by printing 3D favors for them instead.

The best thing about printing favors is that nearly anything can be made with a 3D printer. Give guests a printed version of monogrammed coffee cups or the flowers in your bouquet. Make it a symbolic gift or just something fun.

3. Create Snapchat Geofilters

snapchat your wedding

Posting pictures on your Snapchat story is a popular way to share images, so create a Snachat geofilter for your guests to use. It's a personal stamp that everyone can put on their pictures as another way to celebrate your ceremony and reception. Save your photos and take screenshots of what other people post to fill out an adorable scrapbook after your wedding.

4. Order Customized Signs

wedding sign

Even if you've booked what's considered to be a small venue, many brides still opt to have customized signs at their wedding. They may point out where the bathrooms are located, where to park or even where to get food. Some signs are just for fun, but they can all be ordered and customized online by a professional printing company for a high-def design.

5. Make an Online Fund

wedding gifts

Wedding gifts were traditionally meant to help a newly married couple fill their shared living space with essential items. This is great for people who haven't lived together, but many opt to move in well before their wedding day arrives.

That's why you should take advantage of the internet and make an online fundraiser. Include a link on your wedding website and let guests know that instead of gifts, they can make a financial donation. You might use those funds for your honeymoon or a future downpayment on a house. Guests might appreciate the ease of sending you money instead of searching for a gift.

6. Snap Drone Photos

wedding drone

Even if you've hired a photographer, snapping a few drone photos will leave you with incredible pictures of your wedding memories. Drones will capture views a photographer can't. They could also record videos of your ceremony or the dance floor at your reception.

7. Offer a Digital Guestbook

guest book

Guestbooks are traditionally where people leave an encouraging or congratulatory note for the newly married couple, but it's easier to offer a digital guestbook online. Set it up on a tablet at your wedding so guests can still write a note while they're there. Link to it on your wedding website so guests watching via Livestream or who can't attend can leave a note too.

8. Hire a Robot Bartender

wedding cocktails

Want to offer your guests unique drinks they won't have to wait in line for? You should think about hiring a robot bartender to take care of their needs. Guests order their drink through an app on their phone, and the robot bartender will pour it for them. They're sleek and small, so it won't be too intrusive.

9. Use a Wedding Hashtag

wedding photos

Hashtags are free to create and make an online stamp for your wedding. Think about a hashtag that uses your future last name or the theme of your wedding and encourage guests to use it in their posts. You can also integrate it leading up to the wedding to amp up the excitement and celebrate a little early.

10. Set up Charging Stations

wedding charging station

Your guests will arrive at your wedding with devices that probably won't be fully charged. Set up charging stations with portable batteries or extension plugs so everyone can find a place to juice up their phones when they need to.

Check Out Your Options

You don't need to be a tech expert to include these ideas at your wedding. These fun options can make your special day even more memorable for you and your guests.

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