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10 Cherub-Approved Cocktails to Love This Valentine’s Day


So, Valentine’s Day falls on Wednesday this year, how fitting #humpday, amirite?!!?! OMG KIDDING 😜 Really, despite the holiday not falling on a casual drinking day of the week… Thursday...Friday...Saturday...Sunday….Monday. Umm. It’ll obvi give everyone an excuse to get a little tipsy… in the name of love. Or lack thereof.

Whether it’s a couple coupes of champs at dinner with your S.O. or a few heavy pours of vodka with anything pink - you know, if you happen to be chilling in PJs and catching up on the season finale of Shameless burning a hole in your DVR - you have our permission to indulge. Because we’ll be doing the same and also binging hard on Valentine’s Day candies.💘

To prepare for the occasion, we’ve been stalking some of our favorite Insta mixologists and cocktail connoisseurs and gleaning some not-quite-wasted-yet wisdom. Of course, you have to go with some variation of a red or pink drink, but what’s mixed inside is completely up to you! I’d a glutton for anything with grapefruit in it, so Craft and Cocktails’ Ashley has me smitten with her Smoking Rose Paloma. But if you’re more of a traditionalist for this candy hearts holiday, then there are plenty of champagne choices to check out.

And if you’re foregoing a bitter night in or time spent with boo in solidarity with your soul sisters - did someone say Galentine’s Day lingerie party - then there are certainly a few fruity and fiery finds to fall in love with. We’ve rounded up all of our favorites, and if you’re out of grenadine or running low on rose water (pretty sure I’ve never had rose water in my kitchen), don’t fret. Just throw some Fireball in there, or a couple leftover sugar lip gummies from the Valentine cards you got from your work wives, and call it a day. #wedontjudge. 🍸💋

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