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10 "But For Real Though" Tips From Shean Strong


10 But For Real Though Tips From Shean Strong

We're treating you to some solid advice from Atlanta, Georgia event planner and floral designer SHEAN STRONG

Shean grew up all over the world and was shaped by many cultural influences; his upbringing helped him create a brand that is truly unique to him. While studying Biochemistry at Kennesaw State, Shean began designing with flowers as a creative outlet. This artistry captivated Shean's heart and is woven through each of his designs. 

“I adore living in Atlanta and love the city life, but still take any opportunity to travel the world. There is just something about meeting new people and experiencing new cultures that makes me feel at home. I describe my aesthetic as organic, tailored, and refined. As a true romantic, I understand the importance of understated elegance and how to create a feeling in lieu of a theme. At the end of the day, my job is to make sure you have the most beautiful wedding and have a great time celebrating you and your spouse.”

Shean has curated relationships with many vendors, and you can see his work featured in publications; such as Cottage Hill, Once Wed, Style Me Pretty, Magnolia Rouge, Adorn Magazine, The White Wren, and many other publications. 

I'm Shean Strong, Owner of SHEAN STRONG; a wedding and event planning + floral design company based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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1. Color Palette: 

Often we choose “Our Two Wedding Colors” with pops of something and leave it at that. I prefer to work with less of a color palette and more within a color story; choose color gradients to work within. Don’t choose pink—choose sandstone and nude, chalky rose and dusty creams. Slight variation in colors allow your primary color to stand out while drawing the eye into the subtle, tonal hints beneath. 

2. Don’t be afraid of having an intimate wedding. 

Be intentional with your guest list; if you feel obligated to invite someone, they probably feel just as obligated to attend. Go ahead, keep it quaint and get rid of all that obligatory stuff! Plus, it allows you to invest on the things you truly want. 

3. Don’t. Book. Your. Photographer. Immediately. 

You fell in love with your floral designer’s Instagram photos (@SheanStrong- Obviously) You NEED that look for your wedding photos. Talk to your floral designer or stylist and ask them their opinion. Wonder why your photos don’t look quite like you expected? Well, you’re looking at the Instagram of a natural light photographer and you hired someone with a boom flash. 

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4. You hired a designer for a reason.

Look, inside all of us is a “wedding designer” but some people truly ARE wedding designers. Give them your ideas and allow them the freedom to expound upon that. Michelangelo was asked to carve a religious figure- he chose what to carve; David. 

5. Pinterest is a great resource BUT… 

Now wait, hear me out. JUST because your sister’s best friend had (fill in the blank) at their wedding AND IT LOOKED GREAT! does not mean you need the same thing. Your wedding designer is an artist (quite literally, see above) and they don’t want to give you the wedding reruns. Trust us. We are always looking for the next best thing that is going to represent each of our client’s individuality 

6. Some designers can plan and coordinate.

But that doesn’t mean every planner and coordinator are designers. Your designer creates the mood and feeling for your wedding- they are with you from picking out your invitation suits and to choosing the flat wear on your tables. Every design element falls under their umbrella. Coordinators and planners are a huge asset in managing vendors, your overall investment, and in scheduling detailed timelines. Know the difference. 

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7. Pattern or textural linens- always. 

You're welcome. 

8. Be open to flower options. 

This comes back around to your color palette. Give your floral designer free rein. Obviously. If you NEED peonies or ranunculus… tell them- but trust your designer. Your wedding is a reflection of their work as well as a reflection of you. We crave to create beautiful things for our clients. 

9. Elopements are still a thing. 

Hire a photographer and have them travel with you to your destination. Find a florist and have them make a boutonnière and a bouquet. I mean.. It doesn’t get more romantic than that. 

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10. Pull your future partner aside on the day of your wedding. 

You will be so caught up in so much that you two will benefit from just a moment to yourselves…- You’ll have plenty of time to hug aunt ruth but I can guarantee you if pull your partner aside- it will be a time you both will appreciate and remember.

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