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10 Bridesmaid Dresses for Every Girl in Your Gang

One of the most stressful parts of being a bridesmaid -- aside from the monetary commitment and all the responsibilities that come with it (balanced out by pride and joy a girl feels when she can stand beside her bestie and watch her say “I Do,” of course) is having to wear a dress that is more often than not not chosen by her. I’m in two weddings this year, and I can honestly say that I’ve had hesitations and anxieties about the fashion for both, especially having just had my son last year (there’s still some work to be done on my postpartum bod, but I’m trying not to freak out about it).

For my sister’s wedding, I helped her choose 4 silhouettes that I thought would be flattering to the entirety of her 11 bridesmaids - yes, huge bridal party - and thankfully, after a successful shopping trip last month, we all walked away with dresses that felt just right 👌. For my friend’s wedding, she chose a very pretty black dress to vibe with her classic black and white palette, and everyone will be wearing the same dress. Sleeveless, with a high illusion neckline. Something that I might not have picked out myself, but nonetheless something I think I can wear. Her bridal party is much smaller in the amount of people, and I think we all have similar body shapes, but inevitably, the dress is going to look better on some of the girls over others. Probs less amazing on me (because I was #blessed / #cursed with big boobs - and I’m not crazy about my shoulders, sigh).

Anyway, it really is a daunting thing to accept a friend/sister/cousin’s ask for you to be a bridesmaid and then have to worry about looking good at the altar, if you’re not feeling 100 percent about how the dress is fitting. So, if you’re the bride, help your squad by selecting something or thing(s) that they’ll feel comfortable and confident in. Yes, you’re the bride, but you’re a friend/sister/cousin first, so treating your tribe right is only reasonable.

((Especially important if your sibling has been showing their support all along))

Whether the crew you roll with is all tall, all short, a mixed bag, some pregnant, some junior, you can do everyone a solid by:

  • Choosing a hue you’re hot for and then letting your group get their own dresses (pending your ultimate approval, of course)

  • Choosing a designer, color, and fabric that’s the same across the board, but giving your girls the freedom to find a silhouette they love best

  • Choosing a silhouette that is universally flattering (no, not one size fits all, just with features that highlight every one of your lady’s best parts or can be worn/styled in a variety of ways to best fit their body)

To help you out, we’ve rounded up some of the best bridesmaids styles to suit all the sizes and shapes you have in your ‘I Do’ inner circle. Swipe along!!

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