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10 Not-So-Basic Songs for Your Squad to Join the Party


When it comes to pre-wedding priorities, the only thing more delicious than cake tasting is picking out your wedding set list. Well, it was for me anyway!! I legit spent a week combing through my Pandora and iTunes archives to figure out what songs my band needed to prep for our reception. And even when I was happy with the list I turned over to my emcee, I still felt sooo blah about the walk-in song we picked for our bridal party - Black Eyed Peas, “I Gotta Feeling.” Boom #totalbasicbridebitch.

I’m now helping my sister with her song selections, and she decided on another one of my favorites… “Forever” by Chris Brown. I mean, yes, these are fine songs, but let’s PLEASE put these to bed. Just so over them. Although, this one will forever be embedded in my memory because of The Office. Jim and Pam are wedding goals always. Mental picture of the highlights. Click. 📷

Anyway, we’ve read a lot of lists of ‘THE BEST WEDDING ENTRANCE SONGS’ and they’re all ancient at this point. So, we decided to do a little updating and pull together a new repertoire of reception entrance songs that are So. Good. And also, the more operative word: New. Okay, not all are 2017/2018 hits, but they’re not “Marry Me.” So when your wedding guests have to stand up and bob through the song as each of your bridesmaid and groomsman pairs parade in, they don’t have to do so while grinding their teeth and downing their champs even before the toasts start happening.

Remember when we rounded up the most hated wedding songs of 2017?

Tomorrow starts the weekend, so if you don’t have plans (i.e. won’t already be at the Terry Costa Maggie Sottero trunk show), tell your lover you’re staying in. Head to the liquor store, pick up a few bottles of the booze you’ll be serving up at your wedding, and have a dance party. He chooses a few songs, you choose a few, and then play rocks, scissors, shoot to land on a lit track for your tribe to turn up to.

Our reccos are pretty good! And we threw in just a fewwww ‘well, of course’ tunes to make sure we’re pleasing all of your party people. So, yes, Justin Timberlake and Trolls make an appearance….

Some would actually really work for a modern cake cutting song, too. In case you’re still hungry.

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