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Marrying Your High School Sweetheart Just Became Cool


Okay, so I’m not the world’s biggest golf fan - although I do know my way around a mini golf course - but I do recognize the name Jordan Spieth when I hear it, thanks to my future brother-in-law and his love for the links. And I believe congratulations are in order for the PGA VIP, according to numerous reports about his Christmas Eve engagement news. Though it’s still not confirmed, the photo that’s been circulating on social media the last few days has everything that a just-engaged couple usually posts following an epic proposal - smiling soon-to-be spouses, a gorgeous future wedding-worthy mani, a not-too-shabby sparkler on that all-important left ring finger. You know, all the things.

What we love even more than a perfect holiday or winter proposal story, though, is the fact that JS and his new bride to be, Annie Verret, are actually high school sweethearts. I’m going to be horribly biased, because I married my own high school sweetheart, but it’s one of the greatest things ever. And considering how many times Jordan has told the press about the order of priorities in his life (golf isn’t first), it seems like Annie tops that list - as she should!

The duo lives in Dallas, under the same roof, and started dating their senior year of high school. Since the start of their relationship, they’ve gone to two different colleges, started careers, and been by each other’s sides through it all. And while some would say that committing yourself to one person so early in life is suchhhh a bad decision - you know, the whole ‘you haven’t lived your life, you’ve only ever been with one person, you’re going to have regrets later on, blah de blah de blah’ perspective - we take a different approach over here. Not just because I share the same beginnings as the future Mr. & Mrs. Spieth, my husband and I started writing our love story during our senior year of high school…

There are certainly reasons to be skeptical of the longevity of young love, but Jordan and Annie seem to hush those hesitations - giving hs sweethearts everywhere some hope that they, too, can make it. For starters, being with someone for so long before getting married can help ensure that neither of you threatens the other with the phrase ‘you let yourself go’ before saying ‘I Do.’ If nothing else, your partner has seen you at various stages of your life - bigger, smaller, happier, less happy, successful, struggling, etc. - and they should be able to think about the consequences of bringing up those glory or gloomy days.

Check out a few more reasons marrying your high school love might just be the best idea ever. You’ve probably heard that the key to a long and healthy relationship is being best friends. Well, we can’t think of any high school sweetheart success stories that didn’t first start with a tale of BFFs.

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