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What to Do if One of Your Crew Overbooked for Your Big Day


Really, the Royals can do no wrong in our eyes (especially Kate, she impresses us EVERY DAY with her #somethingborrowed fashion choices)… Did you happen to catch Will and Kate’s Christmas photo with the munchkins? OMG. They’re the cutest. But over the weekend, Prince William found himself in the middle of a media meltdown, when everyone realized that his little brother’s wedding - now confirmed for May 19th 2018 - fell on the same day as the FA (Football Association) Cup Final. Ohhh snap. Photo above from @kensingtonroyal.

One might wonder why it was such a big deal, considering how many matches Wills and his wife have attended over the years (really, it’s just one important game), but apparently as the President of the FA, he’s kind of the linchpin for the entire thing. And he has to present the trophy to the winning team, naturally.

So, everyone is left to wonder whether PW will bail on the match or leave his brother without a best man (although that title is still hanging in the balance, for the time being). Or, if he’ll just do both, because he’s obviously no stranger to multitasking. Ahem, soon-to-be father of three.

All this being said, yes, it’s up to Prince William to figure things out, but his groom-to-be brother must be having some feels about all of it. And really, it’s more of an inconvenience to the bride and groom to deal with one of their bridal party peeps having a plethora of priorities on their big day.

Let’s be honest, with all of the Prince’s power, we wouldn’t be surprised if he could move the date of the FA Final, because #presidentialveto, but if he can’t wave his wand and make things work for everyone, then Prince Harry just has to handle it. Redheads can do anything.

Until we see what the future holds for 5.19.18, we’ve put together a few tips for anyone who has bridesmaids or groomsmen double-booked for their wedding day. It’s not ideal, of course, but it’s still not the worst thing in the world. Just keep these things in mind - to avoid any unnecessary conflict with your WD (wedding day) VIPs.

Couples, need a refresher on how to pick your bridal party? Well, here you go! And remember our rules on how to support your newly-engaged sibling? It’s easy. Just show up and shut up 😉

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