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What to Do When Everyone is Eavesdropping Your Engagement


People Think That Jelena Is EngagedPhoto: Wire Image Via Brides

Alright, so let’s just get something straight. A guy smiling when asked if he’s going to pop the question to his girl doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. At least, that’s what our feelings are on the matter. All the rest of the Selena and Justin fans out there might disagree with us, because they are SHOOOOOOK over a video that the gossip fiends at TMZ got their hands on.

In a legit 10-sec spot, Justin is seen leaving a 90210 restaurant when a paparazzi stalks him and asks whether he’ll be proposing to Selena anytime soon… You know, because they ‘make a really good couple.’ Being classy and gentleman-like, J just smiles (ADORABLY, BTW) and just jumps into his car to peace the eff out.

Granted, it was a super cute exchange, but it doesn’t confirm this twosome is any closer to becoming fiancés. Hate to break it to you, Jelena shippers, but it’s the same old love, guys 😉

Anyway, this all just brings back vivid memories from the months before I got engaged. I had been dating my now husband for 6.5 years, and I was SO OVER not being engaged yet. Like, actually started throwing out some ultimatums (sorry, honey, know I was a royal pain in the ass) about not having a ring on my finger yet. It went something like this, “Babe, if I see another friend get engaged and post about it on Facebook, we are so done.” Yes… It was mean, but I was through with playing the waiting game. I just wanted an engagement ring, a future wedding to look forward to, and my man to finally be my fiancé.

Didn’t help that everyone in my family, friend circle, sorority sisters, etc. made a point to ask my guy when that all-important question was coming whenever they’d see us together. And now looking back on it, I have all the feels for him. His girlfriend was being a total B, and he was feeling stressed to death. Everything became awkward from that day after.

SO. While you’re sitting and waiting for Jelena engagement news to actually become a reality (and, of course, we livvvveee for that, don’t get it twisted!), we’ve been brainstorming ways for couples to make it out alive when everyone in their lives is putting pressure on their impending (or maybe not even) engagement.

All this being said, if Justin really does have plans to put a ring on it, YAY, then Selena can start calling dibs on wedding dresses.

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