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5 Ways to Show Support When Your Little Sib Gets Engaged


News of the next big British wedding doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon (And why would it? We could easily make predictions about the special day and stalk the future Duchess of Sussex from now until May), but Prince William seems particularly pumped up about the occasion. Even if it’s only because a ring on Meghan’s finger meant a [hopeful] end to his little brother ‘scrounging’ his food. Oh, Wills, you quipster, you.

In an interview straight out of Kensington Palace yesterday, the eldest son of the late Princess Di shared how genuinely excited he and his own bride were for Harry and Meghan in the wake of their engagement news. And it was adorable. He went on to say that "It's a fantastic process you go through, the engagement and then the build-up to the wedding and things like that. So they've got a lot of happy times ahead of them and I think they are both caught up in the moment and I wish them all the happiness and success in planning the wedding. I hope it goes really well.”

Basically, in his congratulations over the engagement news, the Duke of Cambridge was total #bestmangoals. It makes us so psyched to see how he’ll wingman up to his baby brother as the months of planning go on.

Of course, the rules of supportive sibling-hood apply if you’re sisters, too. Remember when Pippa got engaged? Kate was just as delighted and thrilled at the news, sharing how excited she was for her sister to take the next step in her relationship and for her to gain a new brother.

So, taking some pointers from the Royals, we’ve rounded up some other tips to keep top of mind when your own little sister trades her single card for a spot in the just-engaged club.

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