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7 Ways to Pay It Forward With Your Nuptials


In the last few decades, weddings have gotten KIND of out of control when it’s come to their expense. Of course, the day is all about you and your love, and you can do whatever you want with it - BUT, making the choice to pay it forward with your fiancé is one that we’re fiercely passionate about. On today’s National Philanthropy Day, we thought it’d be the perfect time to do a deep dive into some of the most charitable ways you can give back with your wedding.

As the ones leading the marriage charge now, millennials are hugely philanthropic and cause-conscious, so when they’re getting ready to say I Do, they’re considering tons of other ways to donate, too. And they’re doing so in ways that are most meaningful to them. Starting with popping the question with conflict-free and ethical diamond engagement rings and dedicating their engagement to date nights as do-gooders.

Whether it’s a grand gesture - making a sizable donation to a charity close to your heart (all via monetary gifts from your guests) - or a smaller, yet still v. special act like donating your wedding dress, leftover food and flowers to those in need, nursing homes and children’s hospitals, for instance - your good deeds will not only go towards making others’ lives better, they’ll also inspire your marriage and leave you with lasting memories of your greatest milestone to date.

In the spirit of Thanks(giving) and the advent of proposal season, why not consider starting your wedding planning journey with some philanthropy? Hey! What about gathering your families for a day of bonding at a local food bank or shelter and then closing out the day with news of your engagement. Everyone will remember the occasion, and you’ll feel energized to start your planning once you’ve had some chicken soup for the soul!

Check out some other altruistic ways to head to the altar!

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