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5 Ways to Cheer You Up Once You’re Done Saying ‘I Do’


You’ve just said YES to a lifetime of love and laughter with your person. Toasts have been given, you’ve thrown your bouquet, went to bed a newlywed and woke up someone’s wife. It’s a perfect picture of the start of your forever, but somewhere in the back of your totally-blissed-out mind, you’re feeling just the slightest twinge of melancholy. Of course you’re happy to have had the best day of your life with the best person in it, but you’re also kind of sad that your nuptials are past tense now. It’s the post-wedding blues and believe us, it’s beyond normal.

If I’m any indication… adopting a puppy into our home almost two months to the day after I got married was definitely one of my coping mechanisms! #wasntreadyforababyyet.

Whether you had a long engagement or just a short, but stressful one, you put time and energy into planning your wedding and now that you have a moment to breathe, relax and revel in the fruits of your labor you’re feeling anxious AF. OR, you’re thinking about all the things that were great, but could have been even better about your big day, and already thinking about re-doing your ‘I Dos’ (you know, just to get another chance at perfection, right?).

Yes, that new ring on your finger means that you can’t cash in any more get-out-of-work-early cards to meet with your florist, stationer, band manager, venue coordinator or wedding planner. And yes, you’ll need to wait justtttttt a little while before you can renew your vows and claim more of those ‘your wedding was sublime’ superlatives. BUT, to make up for all of those grievances… well. You get a new member card to Club Wed (get it?), wifey status, and all the amazingness that comes with it - including some kickass first kisses to kickstart it all.

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