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Why Hiring a Bachelorette Planning Service Makes Total Sense

Why Hiring a Bachelorette Planning Service Makes Total Sense Photo Credit:

Okay, so, we know that wedding planning can be tricky AF and easily grounds for a couple enlisting a professional who can get s*** done. That being said, no one spends half as much time thinking about the other people who are a party to the planning pair. And by that we mean the bridal party and parents of the two getting married. They’ve got stuff to organize, they need to have an updated list of the best vendors in the area, they’ve got pressures and anxieties and people counting on them to plan something epic, and at the end of the day, they could really use support from someone who can set these events in motion at the drop of a hat. We’ve become besties with Charleston, SC soiree strategists Pop the Bubbly Events, and they helped us put together some very real reasons why a bachelorette planner is any bridesmaid or maid of honor’s best friend.

But before we get right down to the reasons, here’s what PTB is all about

They’re a team of full-service wedding planners and designers, but they have a sweet spot for bachelor and bachelorette party planning - which essentially requires all of the same kind of planning protocol as a wedding would. With diligent focus and extreme attention to detail, Pop the Bubbly ensures a seamless and well executed event every time. From managing budgets and creating detailed weekend timelines, to finding the perfect venue and booking the right vendors, Pop the Bubbly works with you to ensure they meet your expectations. All of them.

And as for those bachelorettes. They offer a variety of packages for epic adventure weekends in Charleston, SC. From mild to wild, there is no shortage of options for creating the perfect celebration for a blushing bride-to-be or even her groom and his guys (but for the purpose of this post, let’s just talk about the lady weekends, because they’re more fun 🤫).

Why Hiring a Bachelorette Planning Service Makes Total Sense

The usual pain points for bach planning.

Being a friend, cousin, sister’s bridesmaid or MOH can be such an exciting time. It’s an honor, privilege, and something you’ll remember for a long, long time. At the same time, though, it can be extremely taxing and tiring, when you’re dealing with crazy high bride standards (and don’t want to disappoint), a group of girls who might not get along, and a budget that’s limited, at best.

Why Hiring a Bachelorette Planning Service Makes Total Sense

We talked amongst ourselves about some of the biggest, most worthy-to-bitch-about parts of planning, and here’s what we came up with. If you’re reading this, and currently dealing with any of the below, take a deep breath, refrain from bailing on your BFF, and know that we’re right here with you. Involving a rockstar team like Pop the Bubbly in your own preparations could very well save your sanity and reassure your best girl that she chose the perfect person to put together all of her pre-wedding events.

  1. If it’s not all-inclusive, you might get there and have nothing to do. From accommodations to flight costs, meals to outfits for just two to three days, when you realize what you’ve already spent to get there, the desire to go out and do even more (expensive) things dims really fast.

  2. Bachelorettes have become synonymous with booze. And if half of your crew is all about the brew, while the other half would rather not get liquored up, it’s hard to plan an itinerary that pleases everyone.

  3. So much goes into the long-term logistics, that the on-site weekend-of situation suffers. This is huge. Because there are so many boxes that need to be checked off before the bachelorette even begins: where it’ll take place, how much it’ll all cost, what will go down during, etc., when you finally get there, your consideration of the ‘extras’ (like carefully-curated gift bags to greet the girls upon their arrival, catering for day trips, mimosa or bellini bars to turn up your brunches), kind of falls by the wayside.

This is why you’ll welcome all the fizzy lifting from our friends, Pop the Bubbly.

They create fun-filled weekends with only the best, most vetted restaurants, bars, hotels, designers, and other vendors in Charleston, at a variety of price points - to accommodate groups of literally every kind. Their one-of-a-kind packages include activities such as private spa days, VIP bottle service, flower crown parties, brewery+distillery tours (like all the things you’ve ever dreamed of, but didn’t have the wherewithal or energy, in general, to make it a reality). Their coordinators aren’t just pros at the activities, either, they can help find lodging for your whole party throughout the duration of their stay AND arrange transportation if/when it’s needed.

Why Hiring a Bachelorette Planning Service Makes Total Sense

and the budget concerns... Here’s how they can help.

After completing a contact form on their website, you’ll immediately be connected with one of PTB’s expert planners. You’ll have the opportunity to schedule an initial consultation within 24 hours, and when you’ve chatted everything out (highlighting all of the bride’s high key must-haves for her last fling before the ring), your lead coordinator will design an itinerary for your group - based on activities, packages, and a la carte add-ons that you’re most interested in - and send you an itemized budget spreadsheet that lists per-person pricing based on how many party people you’ll have.

Does it all sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t! These planners are the real real. Led by lead planner and founder, Betsey Lupton, the whole Pop the Bubbly brigade has effervescent personalities and contagious laughter that set the tone for all of their party planning pursuits.

Plus, once you're done baching, you'll want to stick around for the wedding planning!

Because they're full-service wedding planners, as well! Betsey and her team are committed to making sure that your special day reflects the true essence of your personalities and that your event is uniquely tailored to you guys! They offer a variety of packages to meet your needs (and, more importantly, stay within your budget), and they have an EXCEPTIONAL list of preferred vendors for your consideration. From hourly consultation, to month-of coordination, and full-service planning, there are plenty of packages to peruse - whatever works best for you! 

Why Hiring a Bachelorette Planning Service Makes Total Sense Photo Credit:

Book with them now and pleaseeee make sure your bachy pics find their way onto their feed. Because it’s SO GOOD.


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We partnered with Pop the Bubbly Events to share all the details on how these planners get things done - both before, during, and after the wedding! As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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