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We Should Just Make Rosé the Official Drink of ‘I Do’ Season

We Should Just Make Rosé the Official Drink of ‘I Do’ Season

As we get further into spring and the official start of wedding season, I’d like to propose a toast: may rosé forever be the favorite pour for ‘I Do’ parties - pre, during, and post (what goes better with a limo ride to the airport than some glasses of chilled rosé and your newly confirmed-by-marriage ride or die? #honeymoonturnupwhatupppp). If Leslie Knope can get Galentine’s Day approved as a national holiday, we have a solid shot at getting rosé recognized as the wedding season sip of choice. And our friends at Rosé All Day definitely agree. Their blush-colored bottles of wine are everything you could ever dream of to crank the festive factor up at your wedding and all of the obligatory events leading up to it. So, before you think up some fun margaritas to serve your guests (it is May, right?), you might want to get a glimpse of this pink-dosed bride dream. It’ll either change your mind, or validate every vow you’ve made to make rosé a mainstay in your big day.

It’s been nice, champs, but we’ve found a new basic beverage to replace you.

And we say basic only in the most endearing and respectful way, because a bride can be as basic as she wants to be during her reign after getting the ring, it’s her prerogative. We fully support it, and will drink alongside her, especially if she’s repping with Rosé All Day. For real, if this wine was around 18 years ago, it would have been the only thing Elle Woods ever filled her celebratory coupes with. Try to imagine her sitting in her jacuzzi in Bel Air without a flute of this fizzy pretty on deck behind her… bet you can’t! Or her bestie nights in with Paulette, we know they’d be cheersing with Bruiser, Rufus, and a whole lot of rosé, just sayin’. 

We Should Just Make Rosé the Official Drink of ‘I Do’ Season

But aside from the fact that this drink is just so damn pink and perfect, it also tastes as magical as 🦄🦄 🦄 look.

We thought we’d play a little game of ‘How to Play With Rosé All Day: The Bride Edition.” Read these tasting notes - of all the RAD varietals - and consider all the occasions that a bride would/should be drinking as she heads to wifeytown. And if you happppen to have some of your own (RAD wine) nearby, drink any time you match the occasions and flavors we think suit each other SO WELL.

Fun starts now!

Flavor profile - Beaujolais

“Salmon pink color with elegant aromas of flowers and fruits with a dominant hint of tangerine. A complex, yet harmonious wine… Will match perfectly with grilled meats, fish, and summer salads.”

Sounds on point for the…

Engagement party. Can’t you just picture a beautiful self-service bar setup with bottles of the Beaujolais or waiters and waitresses traversing the room with trays full of this fruity, floral bubbly?

We Should Just Make Rosé the Official Drink of ‘I Do’ Season

Flavor profile - Rosé All Day Grenache (cans or bottled)

“Our Rosé has an elegant aromatic nose of watermelon and strawberry and is crisp and fresh on the palate with a deliciously long, fruity finish… Will pair with everything from fish, chicken, and sushi, to salads and appetizers.”

Sounds on point for the…

Bridal shower (we’ll also accept the afternoon you ask your girls to be part of your squad). The bottles are great for table-side pours and the cans are great for favors!

Flavor Profile - ROSÉ WITH BUBBLES (cans)

"The bubbly cans have the same delicious notes of our still rosé Grenache; an elegant aroma of watermelon and strawberry, a crisp and fresh mouthfeel with a deliciously long, fruity finish and of course a splash of sparkle ✨✨✨" 

Sounds on point for the…

Bachelorette party. We’re thinking cute bride tribe shirts, temporary tattoos, and token cans of this sparkly elixir. Pics of the bach with baller cans of bubbly for each bridesmaid in hand, or it didn’t happen…

We Should Just Make Rosé the Official Drink of ‘I Do’ Season

Flavor profile - Sparkling Rosé

“Nice pink color with plentiful and delicate bubbles. Gentle strawberry aroma with a fresh, yet luscious mouthfeel...Excellent when paired with an appetizer, it can also be served with hors d'oeuvres or marinated meat.”

Sounds on point for the…

Wedding day. In the morning, when you’re getting ready in your bridal suite, Beyoncé blasting in the background; during cocktail hour, when your guests are mixing and mingling, filling their plates with ALL the incredible canapés; and when you’re finally settling in for the night with your new mister or missus. Add some chocolate-covered strawberries to enhance that strawberry aroma, and you are heading into newlywed-hood the best way you can.

We Should Just Make Rosé the Official Drink of ‘I Do’ Season

Anyone 5 for 5? We should be friends 😘. And now, it’s time to shop that wine! The cans, too, because they’re #cuteAF.


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We partnered with Rosé All Day to give brides #somethingpink to think about for the duration of their engagement. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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