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This Is the New Bachelorette Uniform You’ll Need to Have This Year

This Is the New Bachelorette Uniform You’ll Need to Have This Year

Okay, so we’re still a few weeks away from January 30th’s National Escape Day (a day when we can all mentally check out for a minute and focus on our well-being. In other words, daydream about happier, sunnier, stress-free places when we’re freezing, sick, and hella moody in the middle of winter), but we’re already escaping now that we know about Kenny Flowers. For any bride who’s in the midst of planning her bachelorette - or for that matter, a mindful MOH - there’s an awesome new “thing” to turn up your bash with: matching sarong wraps. And no, these aren’t the cheesy ones that your parents dressed you and your sisters in the late 90s, early 2000s, beaded braids and all. They’re a mood and one you won’t want to miss out on. 

The perfect bachelorette party gift does exist. 

Wow. We actually said it. Now, let’s make good on that 👇

Kenny Flowers is an upscale, tropical clothing and lifestyle brand putting a fresh spin on swim and resort wear since 2015. Run by an engaged couple (because who else understands the basics of bachelor/ette party style), Kenny Flowers nails fun, fresh designs for both men and women in high-quality, island-soft fabrics. They do a lot: suits, kimonos, hats, etc., but our favorite products are their beach sarong wraps. Why? Well, because they epitomize the “bachelorette matching, but make it fashion” argument. Whether you want the whole group in matching sarongs or want to mix and match with different fun prints (if we can do it with bridesmaids dresses, we can do it with pre-wedding wears too), these sarong wraps will be the gift your girls won’t stop talking about. We promise. 

This Is the New Bachelorette Uniform You’ll Need to Have This Year

Imagine those squad shots from the beach clubs of Miami to Mango Deck in Cabo, epic, DJ-dropping pool parties in Vegas to Austin lake days and all the Palm Springs pool scenes in between. You’ll have every other baching bride rethinking her ‘Out of Office’ floppy hats and tribe-twinning towels. Plus, the design and quality of Kenny Flowers’ fashions is SO GOOD, you’ll absolutely find yourself breaking out your sarong wrap again for your friend’s destination wedding, summers in the Hamptons, or your own honeymoon. Your new hubs can hang, too, they’ve got matching shirts in the same prints… 

This Is the New Bachelorette Uniform You’ll Need to Have This Year

Why we’re so wrapped up in them. 

Aside from looking so damn cute for the Gram, these sarongs also just ooze good times ahead. You can’t put one on and not feel like you’re living your best life. Arewerite? Check the pics, we’re not kidding - lots of happy, happy girls!

You can also pick a print that suits your locale, since KF offers 15+ original designs to match the theme+setting of your trip. Piña Party for Charleston/Austin, Baja Boo cover ups for Mexico or Scottsdale, and Beverly Hills palms that can go literally anywhere. No matter where you end up going for your bachelorette, Kenny Flowers has you covered. Literally and figuratively!

This Is the New Bachelorette Uniform You’ll Need to Have This Year

Honorable mentions for the below, too!

  • Made ethically in Bali

  • 100% rayon mini-sarong with easy-to-tie ends make it multi-use (bikini cover-up, headscarf, playful top, bag decor, etc.)

  • One size fits most: 62in x 16.5in, plus size available upon request

Because the best bachelorette parties subscribe to the more, the merrier mentality.

More girls, more booze, more fun, ALL THE MEMORIES - it just makes sense. So, Kenny Flowers does discounts for groups of greater than 6 girls - bachelorette party gifts in the bag. Enter ‘BACHPARTY’ at checkout for 20 percent off the entire order! 

This Is the New Bachelorette Uniform You’ll Need to Have This Year

BETCHES Agrees, these are the new matching T-shirts (but better) 

“”Bride Tribe” tanks are so 2015. If you need matching attire for your bachelorette, get matching sarongs from Kenny Flowers instead. They also do kimonos, cover-ups, and matching one-pieces in a variety of cute patterns that are made in Bali. And the best part is, unlike those tanks your friend made you buy, you’ll actually wear these again…” ~ BETCHES


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We partnered with Kenny Flowers to share our favorite new accessories for brides and their tribes to bach like bosses this year . As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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