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Julia Child Inspired Bridal Shower

people who love to eat are the best people sign

Are you someone who dreams about food day and night? Do you get invited to a party and your first thought is, "I hope the food is good..."? If so, you just may be a foodie, and this Julia Child inspired bridal shower is the perfect sort of party for you! It's all about food! The Bride-to-be loves to cook, so when planning her bridal shower the Maid of Honor turned to the talented Ashley Lindzon Events.
Ashley picked up the cooking theme and ran with it, she made the whole day feel like a fabulous episode of "The French Chef" with Julia Child! Surrounded by flower arrangements in vintage food cans, a grinning bride in a custom chefs hat and apron, and watching a demonstration from Elyse Leanna Catering on how to make crepes, how could you not have a great time?! Hoping for more fabulous food photos? Don't forget to check out the full gallery here to see all of the wonderful details captured by Injoy Imagery.

bridal shower food ideas

fresh baked mini muffins

vintage napkins

mini greek yogurt parfaits

french toast shooters

french toast shooters

From Ashley Lindzon Events:In lieu of a traditional bridal shower, the hosts wanted to throw Erin a fun and unique shower for her to share with her bridesmaids. With a knack for vintage finds and curiosity in the kitchen, this cooking inspired shower was created. Using lots of lace, vintage tins, pots and pans, we filled the space with warmth, vintage charm and beautiful blooms that created the perfect setting. To welcome guests, french toast shooters and sparkling wine were passed. A full brunch buffet was served filled with mini yogurt parfaits, mini muffins, frittatas, an arugula salad, quinoa salad, and fresh fruit. Once guests had a chance to have a bite, they were able to fill out the recipe cards with a recipe of their own (as indicated on the invitations) as well as sign the guestbook, which was a cooking apron for the bride to keep. The bride was also presented with a beautiful rolling pin, oven mitts, and a 'Bride' chef's hat to get her fully suited before getting her in the kitchen.

guests signed an apron for the bride rather than a guestbook

vintage recipe cards

Elyse Leanna Catering was there to demonstrate to the ladies how to make a crepe. Each guest had the opportunity to create their own and fill the crepe at the crepe toppings bar. The bar was filled with caramelized apples, strawberries, bananas, whipped cream, caramel sauce, and nutella. Crepes were served on vintage china and it is safe to say, the guests thoroughly enjoyed them. For dessert (for those that still had room), mini cupcakes with cooking and kitchen inspired toppers were served.

bride chef hat and crepe toppings sign

crepe bar

vintage can with florals

recipe for a happy marriage sign

vintage can with florals

Each guest was given a towel that had a min whisk and bakers twine as a thank you. Always such a lovely gesture to share something sweet with the guests.

tea towel and mini whisk shower favor

bridal shower thank you gifts

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