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How to Throw a Stunning Bridal Luncheon for Your Bestie

How to Throw a Stunning Bridal Luncheon for Your Bestie Flowers by:

My son just turned TWO today, and with his birthday party happening this weekend, I’m officially in major mama planning mode. Yes, he’s two, and yes, he “probably won’t even remember” what his party looked like, but I will! And so will all of our well-over-two-years-old guests. So, it has to look 👌. Even though it’s a ‘prehistoric pizza party,’ and we’ll be feting with kid-friendly fare and our fair share of dinosaur decor, the party is happening in our new house, and since it’ll be the first time my friends and fam see the new digs, everything has to have a degree of finesse and polish. That’s why I was beyond excited when I heard about L'entramise, the collection of beautiful, never-before-seen, exclusively-designed-in-house single-use pieces, and meticulously-curated tabletop products – all perfectly conceived for the modern woman. My little man might not notice the difference between a paper or plastic Pteranodon character cup and a Julep Tinted Water Glass, but I definitely will….

Pre-wedding events don’t always default to mom

As modern weddings continue to evolve and traditions change, roles and responsibilities for the bridal party, MOB, MOG, etc. definitely get switched up. And even though planning the bridal shower historically falls on the mama of the bride (+sisters)’s shoulders, there are instances when the event gets passed off to a bridesmaid/best friend, cousin, etc. to organize and execute. Perhaps because she’s just made her ‘purveyor of perfect parties’ status known and the bride’s family has deferred to her, or perhaps the bride just trusts her girls to get the celebration together in her taste more than her family. Whatever the case, if a bridesmaid is privileged with the task of throwing her bride’s bridal shower, bridal brunch/lunch or dinner party, then she has her work cut out for her.

How to Throw a Stunning Bridal Luncheon for Your Bestie

And as a 20-something, maybe just out of school, working-for-the-first-time adult, it’s certainly not a cheap task to take over, but can still be done with such an impressive eye and artful styling that you end up looking like Mindy Weiss, in a millennial’s body 😲.

So, if you’re picked to plan, where do you start?

Inspiration. Inspiration. Inspiration. Whether that’s via scrolling through endless bridal shower inspiration on Wedding Chicks, putting together a ton of creative boards on Pinterest, or perusing expertly-merchandised tabletop lookbooks, the best place to begin that planning is through aesthetic illumination. And then it becomes a fun challenge to build out your dream scenario with shoppables that look sassy and sophisticated, but don’t make you reconsider your role in the wedding (that dress, that gift, that extra time off from work, all of it costs A LOT).

Sure, when you were younger, it was completely acceptable and cool to scour party supply emporiums, 99-cent stores, and other rando thrift shops, but now that you’re adulting, you need a new place to stock up. If you are looking to branch out from basic white plate rentals or seeking a more grown-up, styled tablescape at a fraction of the price of some printed and colored rentals, look no further than L'entramise - a savior site for any modern hostess on the hunt for gorgeous, yet attainable accoutrements for any pre-aisle occasion. 

How to Throw a Stunning Bridal Luncheon for Your Bestie

Great for weddings, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, all the nuptials needs.

The A-team behind L’entramise (and really, we mean that, the founders are Alison and Allison) fell into their tabletop mission as a result of planning their own weddings. As they planned their rehearsal dinners and other wedding-related events, they found such a void in this space – where were the premium products that weren’t exactly as heavy/costly as rentals, but also weren’t your basic plastic plate? They didn’t exist, but not for long.

So, about that next-level bridal shower setup…

Regardless of the overall party vibe and table style you want to emulate, L'entramise has you covered - the founders suggest compiling a vision board and then shopping their site to try to replicate what you love (it's actually how they style lots of their own shoots and content) - because while they don't have thousands of products to sort through, they have lots of variety in their single-use products - that look like real china, glassware, ceramicware (it’s unreal how pretty everything is!) - and every product is meant to be mixed and matched - our favorite thing in the world.

Here's what the ladies suggest:

Choose a color palette that will really speak to you and the vibe of your special day.

How to Throw a Stunning Bridal Luncheon for Your Bestie

Layer elements that make the table feel rich in style and texture, for example: use multiple forks, present a selection of drinkware, pay lots of attention to flowers and consider doing both large and small arrangements, candles at varying heights.

Patterns can add a new dimension to your tabletop, like a gold foil floral; some may choose to keep the table setting itself more basic, while others like all the bells and whistles right there upon sitting down . . . for those who aren't sure or can't choose between a pared-down, simple setting or something with a lot of impact, they can choose to use printed plates for passed hors d'oeuvres or even dessert.

How to Throw a Stunning Bridal Luncheon for Your Bestie

Consider skipping name cards, and instead opt to have guest names hand-lettered on their dinner or charger plate (oh, hi Instagram, meet your newest obsession).

How to Throw a Stunning Bridal Luncheon for Your Bestie

Oh! And ICYMI.

The pair has worked tirelessly to ensure their brand rockets into the future in a sustainable way, SO! The ivory plates showcased on the table setting are part of L'entramise's new product line of more sustainable recyclable plates (they are the most widely-recycled plastic in the US) - their weight and texture is noteworthy, and some revelers may even wish to hand-wash and reuse them… I definitely would.

Start shopping now! We can’t wait to see all the pretty that’s rattling around in those brains of yours!!!


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We partnered with L'entramise to give modern hosts/hostesses some haute new supplies to consider! As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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