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How To Plan A Budget Friendly Bachelorette Party

How To Plan A Budget Friendly Bachelorette Party

So it’s coming up on wedding season and you know what that means, bachelorette season is already upon us! How many do you have on your calendar this year? If there are enough of them we imagine you and your bank account are feeling a little light-headed. Well we hear at Wedding Chicks have two things to say to you:

1. Congratulation on this exciting season in your life where simply everyone is getting hitched. It’s magical, so soak it up while you are living in it.

and 2. We have some great ways to cut costs if you happen to be the one throwing the Bride’s last night out! In fact, we have 6 solid savings ideas so keep scrolling to hear more.

1. Keep Things Local

cheers to the bride to be

Are you and most of the bridal party in one town? Keep things light and fun right at home without having to book flights. Give your home town a look around with fresh eyes and see if there isn’t a fun class, and local spa, or even a nearby vineyard you and your bachelorette friends could explore.

2. Digital Invitations

planning digital invitations

It may not seem like a lot but depending on the party size stamps and paper invitations can really add up. So why not send everyone a digital invitation! There are plenty of sites out there that let you personalize and track all of your invitations which makes keeping an RSVP list a breeze.

Give SmileBox.com A Try

3. Make it one crazy night

fun night out

No, we don’t want to stomp on your fun, but like they say, “Leave them wanting more.” If you and the other bachelorettes have one fabulous night that will leave all of you extra pumped for the wedding day. So jump into the night with both feet, have a blast and realize that all great things must come to an end, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of all great things!

4. Schedule time to relax

cheers at the pool

If you are planning a weekend or even a full day of Bachelorette fun, be sure to add in a little scheduled downtime. A good example, secure a little time to lounge at a pool if it happens to be a summer event. This gives everyone much needed rest for the night ahead AND is an added bonus of being a relatively free activity.

5. Host a cocktail hour

cocktail hour

Yes, this is actually a bar pregame in disguise but it sounds so much fancier when you get to call it a cocktail hour. This ensures that everyone is loosened up and ready for fun without having to pay extra at the bar. And just to make sure your “cocktail hour” is just right, here are some easy to make cocktails we know your bride will LOVE!

10 signature cocktails ideas for summer

6. Be Sure To Ask About Group Discounts

dinner out

When making reservations, either at a spa, or a restaurant, etc, don’t forget to ask about a group discount. Spa’s and saloons typically will give large groups a cut on price. And some restaurants will be happy to provide a large party with a set menu. This cuts out the hassle of trying to decide what to have and clips down the final cost of your meal.

Another fun note, bars will often times wave a cover charge to large bachelorette parties and most will even provide a free round of drinks. So toss a sash and a crown on your bride and get ready to soak up (or rather drink up) the benefits!

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