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How to Celebrate a Memorable Bachelorette Party in New York City on a Budget


New York City is one of the party capitals of the world with activities going on 24/7. The city is packed with so much culture and vibrance that it is impossible to see and do everything while you are here. It’s also become one of the hottest spots for bachelorette parties. Girls travel all over the world with their friends to NYC to celebrate their bachelorette parties. However, you don’t want to end up getting scammed or taken advantage of so keep reading for recommendations on how to celebrate a memorable bachelorette party in New York City!

Where to Stay

NYC offers a plethora of options when it comes to lodging. From hostels to AirBnb’s the fancy hotels, the city that never sleeps has it all. However, which places are the best? Well if you’re on a budget, HI NYC Hostel is one of the best hostels in NYC with beds starting around $49 per person. For New York City, you can’t beat that price! They even offer female-only rooms and they are very clean and tidy. Many female solo travelers even stay there so you may meet some new foreign friends!


Daytime Activities


For brunch, there is no reason to break the bank. Sure there are places that charge an arm and a leg for brunch, just because they were featured on a magazine or had some celebrity dining there. But we are celebrating your bachelorette party on a budget so don’t worry! For starters, you can always set up a beautiful picnic in Central Park, one of the most iconic parks in the world. Don’t want to spend all the time shopping and setting things up? No worries! You can always stop by La Bonbonniere, one of the oldest diners in NYC in the West Village. The food there is amazing and the staff will make you feel like you’re right at home.



Now that you’re well fed from brunch, it’s time to see the beautiful sights of NYC. Take your bachelorette party to the beautiful High Line where you and your girls can get wonderful photos. The beautiful scenery looks like something out of a fairy tale and there is just so much culture and history. The landscape is beautiful and calming and you and your girls will certainly feel very relaxed after a nice walk along the High Line.

There’s also the South Street Seaport where there are a ton of activities to do. There are always street performers and shops to look at. Also the scenery is beautiful so if you and your girls need photos, this is the place to do it. If you love the smell of cool salty water and you’re looking for a nice peaceful place to relax, the South Street Seaport is a wonderful idea.


Nighttime Activities

Dinner: For dinner you can stop at Xian Famous Foods, one of NYC’s famous restaurants and are popular for their delicious yet cheap dishes. The seating might be a little tight so you and your girls might be better off heading over to nearby John Jay park and having dinner with beautiful views of the East River. Sit back, relax and enjoy the views because your wild night is just getting started!


Male Revue Shows

What would a bachelorette party be without a male strip show? We recommend Exotique Men, a popular male strip club in NYC. They offer VIP table packages starting at $275 for a table of 5 and it comes with a bottle of champagne, a hot seat where they bring the bachelorette up on stage, and also free photos with the guys after the show. Regular VIP tickets cost $60 so for a table of 5 you actually save money plus get a free bottle so it is quite a deal. Plus the guys were super cute and they did a great job performing.


After the male strip show, it’s time for the afterparty. It’s fun watching guys dance and all but now it's time for the girls to let loose and have a good time! The cheapest way to party in NYC for girls is to get in touch with a nightclub promoter. Promoters get paid to bring girls to clubs and many times they have tables with bottles. Be careful though! Make sure you get a copy of the promoter’s identification before going with them anywhere and be sure you know which club they are promoting for. You can also reach out to the club to confirm beforehand that the promoter is truthful. For the most part, NYC promoters are honest and harmless but sometimes they have a tough time of getting girls into the nightclubs, depending on which club it is.


Departing Thoughts

Celebrating a bachelorette party in NYC does not have to be expensive. There are many ways to have a great time without breaking the bank. We know that New York City can be an expensive and unforgiving place but we have got you covered. From brunch to nightclubs, we’ve got you covered when it comes to making plans. So sit back, relax and enjoy your bachelorette party!

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