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Disney Bachelorette or Bust: Why Every Bride Needs to Go

disney-bachelorette-bride-squad-in-a-line Photo Credit: Courtesy of Ashlei Elise/Facebook

Still thinking up rhymes, so don’t even thinkkkk that we’re through. That’s what Disney does to you, AMIRITE? 😉. In any case, just yesterday, we were tuning in to our Wedding Chicks Brides Facebook Page - and came across the cutest post from one of our brides-to-be. She just got back from her bachelorette party in Disney ((ALWAYS MY FAVE)), and shared some amaze pics with us. Ashlei, you made our week with your bachelorette party pixie dust, and we’re about to spread a whole lot more on the rest of you! Thanks to the inspo from her Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo crew.

But before we talk about some of our favorite Disney bach basics, here’s how Ashlei and her squad did it:

☝️Not sure why her Man of Honor is frowning, because when you’re baching in Mickey’s house, with cute ‘Bride Squad’ tees and ALL the ears on, is there anything left to do but smile? Maybe he just realized that long pants were a poor decision for a whole day out at the park? Let’s hope so!

disney-bachelorette-temp-tattoo Photo Credit:

On their way to Magic Kingdom and the bride’s rocking her Belle shirt, sunnies, and our favorite part of the whole look - that glittery engagement ring temporary tatt! Soooo obsessed with it! It’s literally like a secret/hidden Mickey right behind her ear. Just so much more bride-y! Duh. 

disney-bachelorette-mickey-ears-in-front-of-castle Photo Credit:

Obligatory butt pic right in front of the castle. Main Street USA mode with the maids and Man of Honor ✌️✌️✌️

disney-bachelorette-squad-shot-with-ariel Photo Credit: Courtesy of Ashlei Elise/Facebook

Look at this squad, isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete? Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl, the girl who has everything? Well, you're almost there, lady! Just need that hubby of yours!

disney-bachelorette-kisses-with-mickey Photo Credit: Courtesy of Ashlei Elise/Facebook

If her groom can’t be there, kisses from Mickey are a decent substitute. #itsnotcheatingifthemansamouse, right?!?!

disney-bachelorette-same-penis-forever-banner Photo Credit: Courtesy of Ashlei Elise/Facebook

It’s a PG place… but every Disney bride can still appreciate a good penis joke 👍 Same Prince Charming Penis Forever. That better?

So, Ashlei and her princess posse gave us all the goals for a happily-ever-after bachelorette party - and we wanted to continue paying it forward. We rounded up some of the best Disney bachelorette stuff we’ve seen on Insta lately, and now that we’re sufficiently feeling like kids again, we might just change up our Halloween costume ideas… That Disney magic is no joke.

How to Bach Like a Boss In the Happiest Place On Earth 

disney-bachelorette-invite Photo Credit:

disney-bachelorette-starbucks Photo Credit:

disney-bachelorette-itinerary disney-bachelorette-epcot-drinking-around-the-worl Photo Credit:

disney-bachelorette-in-front-of-castle Photo Credit:

disney-bachelorette-minnie-mouse-nails Photo Credit:

disney-bachelorette-character-walk Photo Credit:

disney-bachelorette-rides Photo Credit:

disney-bachelorette-cookies Photo Credit:

disney-bachelorette-princess-bikinis Photo Credit:

disney-bachelorette-photo-props Photo Credit:

disney-bachelorette-pink-drink Photo Credit:

disney-bachelorette-grand-floridian Photo Credit:

disney-bachelorette-bride-booze-cruise Photo Credit:

disney-bachelorette-cake-pops Photo Credit:

disney-bachelorette-t-shirts Photo Credit:

disney-bachelorette-stud-on-a-stick Photo Credit:

disney-bachelorette-tinkerbell Photo Credit:

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