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Brides-to-Be, We Found Your Official Bachelorette Party Pour!

Blanc de Bleu Poppin Bottles Bachelorette Shoot Photo by Lane Dittoe Photo Credit:

There’s a lot to get ready for a bachelorette party, and I’ll attest to it 🙋🏻 as my sister’s Matron of Honor and appointed bachelorette party b****. I’ve booked the bash - come end of July, all 14 of us will be cruising to the Bahamas for a long weekend - and have started formulating an itinerary for our mini vacay + scoping out some of the fun bachelorette must-haves - we’re poppin’ bottles tanks, cute totes for the girls, etc. But I didn’t even think about the drinking sitch, probs just because we locked this little sojourn down with the promise of a 3-day open bar 🙌🙌🙌.

We’ll be soaking up the sun, eating allllll the food, and sipping all the sips while we’re on deck, but I can’t say that we won’t be indulging even before we board the ship. We upgraded our Uber pool scenario a bit and ordered a luxe limo for the squad to take from the airport to the docks. And I think I’ve narrowed it down to what we’ll be toasting with inside: Blanc de Bleu, you are just what we all need to kick off our tropical trip. Seriously, this is what we’d call vibing, right?

Bahamas Photo by My Illusion V Photo Credit:

Blanc de Bleu Bachelorette Party Shoot Photo by Lane Dittoe Photo Credit:

Now, you obvi don’t have to be going on a destination bachelorette to appreciate a festive signature drink for the occasion. It’s just a total missed opportunity not to be clinking glasses with a vivid blue, pasteled sparkling wine if you’re celebrating somewhere as crystal clear and magical as ☝️. The California bubby is bach-party perfect, offering a flavor profile to please any and all of your besties - young (> 21, of course) and old (hey, mother(s) of the bride or groom can get down with a sassy sip too) - and if you haven’t strategized how you’ll be honoring the ‘something blue’ tradition yet, then hell why not consider this gorgeous wine for the role?

Color can be one of the most incredible sensory stimuli, and we’re pretty convinced that with a flute fizzing with Blanc de Bleu, all your girls will be feeling alright alright. Whether they’re instantly calmed by the cooling charm of the blue bev or simply transported to their own beachy isle by way of the aquamarine bubbles in their glass, your crew won’t have trouble saying ‘I Do’ to the Bleu. Just what you want for your last fling before the ring, amirite?

Oh, and the hints of blueberry flavor are another reason why this light and crisp drink makes an on-point bachelorette party potable. Something to enjoy alongside your morning smoothie bowls? We’d be willing to bet you’ll be getting a bunch of ❤️❤️❤️ with those pics. 

Smoothie Bowl Photo by Jannis Brandt Photo Credit:

Blanc de Bleu Bachelorette Party Shoot Photo by Radion Photography Photo Credit:

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