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Bach Fash: If You Didn’t Rock a Fanny Pack You Did It Wrong

Bachelorette Box Bride Squad Fanny Pack

I’ll be the first to admit that the idea of a fanny pack has forever given me chills. And not in a good way. I love my Mother-in-Law, really, I do, but it’s part of her regular vacation/tourist wardrobe - and everytime I see her with it, I twitch a bit. Eeshh. That being said, this year alone, the fanny pack has been KILLING it. Kendall Jenner’s a huge fan, Rihanna rocks her fannies on the reg, and then once festival season is in session, nearly every rave babe’s got a bum bag. Never thought I’d say it, but they’re getting cooler by the minute; so much so that even the once-haters are having a change of heart (myself included 🙋🏻). Whether you’re already ready to clip one on and embrace classic 90s style without worry, or you need the right occasion to warrant its wear, you can be sure you’ll look fun AF with a fanny pack at your next bachelorette bash. We should know, we consulted the girls at Bachelorette Box about their Bride Squad Fanny Packs, and they had one word: YAAAS (12 A’s, actually 😉).


The fanny pack is seriously functional 

Bachelorette Box Bride Squad Fanny Pack

Before we get into everything that makes these waist bags total wonders for bachelorette parties, just wanted to refresh everyone on the purpose of these packs. They’re totally hands-free (necessary for those lap dances), lightweight, and versatile - they come in a crazy amount of colors and shapes (BB’s FPs come in classic black and white, so they’ll inevitably vibe with your tribe dress codes) - and they can fit all of your v. important stuff: phone, keys, license, wallet, etc. All you have to do is snap it on and start living your best life.


And these are bach-s*** (show) crazy!

Remember all the things we said could - and probs would - happen at your bachelorette party? Well, it’s best just to be armed for all of it. And you can with 600D nylon and 3 functional pockets…

  • Girl fight? Have the band-aids ready and some polish to fix any chipped nails ✔️
  • Hellish hangovers or PMS probs? Make sure to have Motrin and Midol in max supply ✔️
  • Bachelorette basics? Whether it’s your penis straw, penis gummies, or extra temporary tattoos once you scrub yours off, pack them all. They need to be packed. ✔️

Bachelorette Box Bride Squad Fanny Pack

The squad that fannies together, stays together

Bachelorette Box offers their Bride Squad Fanny Packs separately - white with gold glitter lettering for the bride and black with gold glitter lettering for the rest of the party, but LBH, fanny pack wearing is way more fun to do as a group. Go big or go home, there’s no other way. And if you DO buy in bulk ((which we obvi endorse)), you can enjoy up to 35% off the regular price. Kind of great, since you’re all going broke for this bach anyway!!

Plus, those squad shots, with all of you fierce females and your fannies, they’re going to be Instagram 🥇. The one you’ll want to print out and paste up alllll over your bedroom - just like you did with your boy band posters wayyyyy backkkk whennn.

Bachelorette Box Bride Squad Fanny Packs

FREE tats to match

Because the girls at Bachelorette Box can’t fathom fanny pack-wearing posses falling short on perfection, they’re offering free sets of 40 Gold Metallic Bachelorette Party Tattoos as the gift with purchase for any Bride Squad Fanny Pack buys (including single fanny packs or any of their bundle deals).

Simply add both products to your cart, along with the promo code: 'WEDDINGCHICKSLOVE.' Limited to the first 100 customers, so check them out and act fast!!

We partnered with Bachelorette Box to share these throwback-style squad basics with you. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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