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Enjoy your bachelor[ette] party–let BachBoss do the planning!

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Finally, we’re in an age where we work to live and not the other way around! Bachelor[ette] parties are getting more and more extra by the day…and we’re not mad at it! And since people are getting married later in life–with that comes more $$$ to have more fun, but unfortunately less time to plan. So, when asked to plan the celebration of a lifetime, what’s a bougie girl (or boy) to do? Enter the bespoke travel & event planning company of the future–BachBoss! From booking (and vetting) accommodations, organizing excursions and activities, and coordinating transportation–they literally take care of everything.

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Doesn’t that sound MAGICAL?! So, let’s get into the deets. The first step is to set up a quick call with one of their agents (bosses) to discuss everything from dates and budgets to interests, destinations, and requests. From there, your dedicated boss works their magic and will propose the perfect trip for you and your crew, laying out a detailed itinerary and we mean detailed! And more than that, they’ll provide peace of mind for an elevated and memorable bachelor or bachelorette party with a seamless process.



No more spending hours scrolling every travel site on the internet for a place to stay and hoping for the best, BachBoss will do all of that leg work for you. Just describe your dream accommodations and they’ll make it happen. Want a villa with a pool? Done. A modern desert estate? You got it. All you have to do is show up, look cute, and just let the memories happen.


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As fun as bach activities are, they’re always so hard to come up with! We know you’ve been there, spending hours sifting through cringey games on Pinterest trying to find the right one, or sorting through votes via text for an excursion that everyone will love. No more! At BachBoss, this is literally what they do, it’s what they live for, so make sure to be upfront with your goals and vibe that you’re going for (adventure, relaxation, culture, partying) and they’ll make it a reality.



Restaurant reservations, grocery deliveries for your villa, juggling dietary restrictions, liquor calculations…seriously, who has the time? Not you babe, you’re a boss! BachBoss will curate your entire culinary experience for your trip. You want the best chocolate croissants in Paris waiting for you when you wake up Day 1? What about a rez at that place that’s so hard to get into, you have to book months in advance? In a remote location? What about a private catered meal with floral centerpieces, wine pairing, and obvi the most Instagramable table settings you’ve ever seen? Yeah…they’re that good!

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And while this service is an absolute dream in real life, things can happen, so obvi, BachBoss has prepared for that. Like we said, they’re experts! Your on-call concierge is always there for you if you need anything. From a change of plans to a travel hiccup, they’ve got everything under control so you don’t have to. Let go, enjoy!

swag and decor

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What would a bach party be without some swag? BachBoss knows just how to get your crew ready to party! From matching travel tees and other personalized welcome goodies to decorating your hotel or venue, they know how to set the mood.



This is probably the most stressful part of organizing any trip. You want to make sure that everyone gets from point A to point B safely and knowing who to hire and who to trust can be a bit sketch, to say the least. Luckily, BachBoss will do all that work for you and make sure you have a safe and comfortable ride to get you to every fun destination! No DDs or sketchy UBER drivers necessary!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! If you can imagine it, they can make it happen. Get that Pinterest board started and let BachBoss take care of the rest.

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BachBoss offers three different tiers of experiences that can be curated to fit your group’s specific budget and needs. Tier I is an itinerary proposal. Your boss will work with you and create a fully detailed itinerary for your trip and even work with guests to coordinate budgets, interests, etc. Tier II is their all-inclusive package they’ll not only organize everything and make recs, they’ll book it too! Plus, they’ll throw in some fun surprises along the way and you and your crew will get access to exclusive discounts with their top-notch vendors around the world! Then, there’s Tier III, the VIP experience. This includes everything from Tier I and II plus, they’ll coordinate all of the decor and manage all of the not-so-fun parts like collecting $$$ from everyone. The VIP experience will also level up every moment, from invites, printed itineraries, custom menus, stickers, and any other day- of details. Totally worth it, if you ask us!

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So what do you say–are you ready to Bach like a Boss? Thought so! All that’s left to do is fill out their contact form on their website or email [email protected] to receive more information and schedule a 15-minute call with one of the bosses that will walk you through the process and help you choose one of the three-tiered packages.

From appearances on your favorite talk shows to new experiences, follow @BachBoss_ on IG to see what the bosses are up to now!

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We partnered with BachBoss to bring you the new way to plan bachelor and bachelorette parties. As always, thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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