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3 Reasons a Bachelorette Party Planning App Is So Needed Right Now

3 Reasons a Bachelorette Party Planning App Is So Needed Right Now

Anyone else planning a bachelorette party right now or brainstorming ways to do something that’s a little more special than a staycation (because they’re great, we’ve gotten REALLY good at them over the last year, but girls tripping [safely] sounds sooo much better)? We hear you, it’s been a lot having to spend so much time coexisting with our S.O.s this year - wonderful, beautiful time with bae, don’t get us wrong - so we’re all anxious to get some girl time on our cals. That’s why we’re loving the BACH app. If it’s been a hot sec since you last downloaded something, let this be your next get, because the help is lowkey everything.

The Basics on BACH

Just in a stripped down, details kind of way, because basic has nothing to do with this:

BACH is the #1 app for bachelorette party planning. From party buses in Nashville to private yachts in Miami, you can book all the best bachelorette party experiences on BACH. There are activities to suit everyone, too: zen yoga classes, cycle parties, brewery and winery tours, makeup and blow out appointments, psychic readings, wellness days, Instagrammable mural tours (because hiiii social world, here’s your proof the party went places… literally), unique restaurants, nightclubs, and so much more! No matter where you're going, BACH's planning tools make coordinating your party a breeze. Invite your party guests, launch polls, split expenses, create a shared itinerary, and do it all in one, super easy app.

3 Reasons a Bachelorette Party Planning App Is So Needed Right Now

It sounds pretty straight forward, right? A personal concierge for baching like a boss - yep, it is, but here are some other reasons the app makes sense for planning NOW, specifically.

Our vacay planning game isn’t where it was a few years ago. 

Social distancing and a global lockdown have a way of doing that, unfortunately. But at the end of the day, it’s been necessary and important to keep up with the protective protocol, because that’s the only way we’ll see an end to this challenging time. Coming out of this travel retirement means that we’re all going to be a little rusty at vacation curation, and for a bachelorette trip that might be a lot more involved than a basic getaway, it’ll help to have some guidance. And since travel agents aren’t quite the thing they used to be, a BACH app gets the job done and all the magic happens behind-the-screens 🙌🙌🙌.

Our first opportunity to go away might not yield the most thought-out trip. 

We’ve spent tons of time apart from our friends over the last 12 months and haven’t done much when it comes to recreation, so we’d hazard a guess that everyone is straight up itching to do something, anything as long as it’s not sitting on the couch, binging Ginny & Georgia for a third time (it premiered less than a month ago, chicks, just for reference…). The issue we take with this, though, is that now that we can pseudo think about emerging from quarantine, safely of course, we’re liable to either plan an outing/weekend that’s boring or wayyy too balls to the wall (and lbh, there is NO reason to think that’s okay with a pandemic still on the radar). 

With BACH, though, you’ll be able to figure out all of the must and can-dos for your time away, and not leave wondering if it could have been better. Yes, a weekend spent getting sloshed and silly with your squad might have been the program pre-pandemic, but these days, every single minute matters - every moment with the people we love most counts, so a well-thought-out itinerary is mission critical. 

3 Reasons a Bachelorette Party Planning App Is So Needed Right Now

Our lives need some excitement and hype, we’ve been holed up a long time.

Even though it’s absolutely been for the best, social distancing and quarantine have still had an impact on our moods and emotions. We don’t remember the last time we said we were ‘looking forward’ to something. It’s sad and discouraging. That being said, when one of our bestie brides needs us, we’re here for her; being able to hype her up gets us just as amped, in all actuality.

Using BACH, whoever’s planning the party can step into the role of hype woman and helm the rest of the hype squad. Then, it’s all about building excitement for the day, the weekend, the experience overall.

  • You can upload an itinerary cover pic that celebrates the guest of honor (your bride, of course!)

  • You can send out/set a party announcement on your home screen inviting all of your guests to the event via the app

  • You can launch a poll to start collab-ing on plans (San Diego or Scottsdale? Hotel or Airbnb? Cabana boys by the pool or a private yoga sesh in the backyard?)

  • You can delegate tasks and to-dos to the rest of the crew (and when all of the larger prep is being planned through the app, the other to-dos don’t seem that bad, especially when you know they’ll bring all the smiles to your soon-to-be-wifey in the group)

Get the app, ASAP ~ said ALL the BACH-ers ever

"BACH made planning my party so easy. We found so many fun activities and planned everything right in the app!" ~ Megan M., Nashville, TN

"You NEED this app if you're planning a bachelorette party. It's seriously a game-changer!" ~ Alyssa G., Scottsdale, AZ

"I've been to so many bachelorettes and this was my first time using BACH. I wish I had it sooner! It's so helpful." ~ Jillian R., Palm Springs, CA

3 Reasons a Bachelorette Party Planning App Is So Needed Right Now


So, go ahead, get that party started...


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We partnered with BACH to share all the details on how this app gets things done for the greatest girls getaways ever. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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