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10 Funny Bachelorette Gifts

Engaged AF Bachelorette Party Banner

Are you Engaged AF? Well, we've rounded up 10 funny bachelorette gifts for your viewing pleasure. We'll start with this Engaged AF Bachelorette Party Banner. I mean ... it might be just perfect for your bachelorette party or a fun gift for your bestie! All in good fun, this sparkly banner is the perfect backdrop for your party and your photos. Pop the bubbly, you really need to party.

Funny Bachelorette Gifts

Same Penis Forever Cursive Banner- Bachelorette Party Banner,

You're getting married and you know what that means? It means you are committing your life to the one you love and will live happily ever after! Ok, yes it means all that and more but it also means that you will be enjoying the same penis forever. Since this is the case, we think you should CELEBRATE it with this cheeky Same Penis Forever Cursive Banner. Scream it from the rooftops and hang a banner.

Bachelorette Trucker Hats

These Bachelorette Trucker Hats will really put your maids in their place. I'm kidding so just relax. You and your squad would be super cute in these Bride and Bride's Bitches trucker hats on a tropical beach, at the lake, in Palm Springs or really anywhere. Cut off your jeans and add a muscle tee and you'll be all set. 

Bachelorette Party Tattoos

We all have that friend who gets lost everywhere we go, right? Well, now you can 'chip' her with these Bachelorette Party Tattoos to keep her safe. Because it's safety first ... I mean champagne first ... at your bachelorette bash, isn't it? Wrangle up your girls and get them tattooed before you set out on your wild night!

Bachelorette Bingo Game

Oh, this ain't your mom's bingo. This Bachelorette Bingo Game offers some super fun activities to accomplish while you're out that will surely crack everyone up, embarrass some in good fun and entertain strangers. I'd try to get a piggy back ride, definitely do a cartwheel, and try a cheesy pick up line. Which one would you go for first? 

Bachelorette Party Mugshot Signs

How much fun will your bachelorette party be? Ummm, the most fun obviously! You might need these Bachelorette Party Mugshot Signs *if* you don't end up in the slammer for real. Don't be that bad, ok? Customize each sign with something naughty you've done. 

Help me, I was literally researching glitter penis straws.

Bachelorette Party Straws

 I laughed at myself today because I was literally researching glitter penis straws. What other job allows that sort of creative freedom? I don't know, but tell me if you do. I settled on these Bachelorette Party Straws probably because they were the classiest ones I came across and they are actually cute. I would like to point out that these straws get the "classy" title as far a penis straws go because the penises are not pointing to your mouth. These are real thoughts. This is my life.

Oh Shit Bachelorette Party Hangover Kit

Girl, get your shit together!  The Oh Shit Bachelorette Party Hangover Kit makes it super easy to keep yourself on point after a long night. I mean, the party may be over but I'm guessing brunch and bottomless mimosas are on the schedule for the day after. Don't be the one in a ball on the floor, get it together.

Bride Bachelorette Party Sugar Cookies

Oh my. These are some words, pictures and shapes I'd never ever thought I'd see on a cookie. I dare you not to take a closer look and laugh out loud. I'm not sure if I want to put some of these ones in my mouth, but what the heck why not? You only live once so you might as well have fun. Order some Bride Bachelorette Party Sugar Cookies for your weekend with the ladies, but first have a deep conversation and analyze each one for added entertainment.

Bridezilla Piñata

Are you a Bridezilla? Yes, you. No, of course you aren't but this Bridezilla Piñata is pretty freaking funny and a great way to get some aggression and frustration out with a baseball bat or a stick or just look at it - it's your life so do what you want.

Etsy Weddings

I found all of these little pieces of goodness on Etsy and I just checked out their Instagram for the first time and I got lost! Follow for tons and tons of eye candy.

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