Registry & Gifts Ideas

Master Bedroom Essentials to Add to Your Wedding Registry

Here's a list of master bedroom items to add to your wedding registry. Read More

Luxe Bathroom Registry Must-Haves

Turn your bathroom into a luxurious oasis with these wedding registry items from Bed Bath and Beyond Read More

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas That Make Every Day Feel Like Galentine's Day

We can’t promise there won’t be any rosé, rose quartz, or rose gold-themed items on this list… but WTFC! Read More

Woo Your "I Do" Crew With These Bridal Party Proposal Boxes

These cute gift boxes for your bridesmaids and groomsmen will guarantee a “YES!”. Read More

10 Gifts For Yourself to Crush Your New Year's Goals

& look cute in the process. Read More

The Holidays Are Over But We Still have Some Gift Ideas

Gift-giving doesn't go away after the Holidays, and neither does our gift guide! Read More

Dune Jewelry Makes the Sweetest, Sandiest Gifts for Globetrotters

Summer might be coming to an end ((we haven’t come to terms yet, but we’ll get there)), but we know where you can put those sandy memories from some of your best days ever… Read More

Breakfast Lovers: These 10 Gifts Have Got to Be On Your Registry

As a fellow breakfast fiend, I can truthfully say that I’d be flap-jacked about getting these for my wedding! Read More

The Best Kitchen Knives To Add To Your Wedding Registry

and this new collection looks SHARP. Read More

Adding Alexa to Your Amazon Wedding Registry Is Just So Smart

If you’ll Alexa(us) to explain… Read More

Amazon's Wedding Registry Is [Camp]Fire for the Outdoorsy Couple

And that’s what we love about their registry options, because yes, kitchen stuff can always be a part of it - but they also excel in offering items to fit a couple’s actual lifestyle (and guests don’t HAVE to get it). Read More

10 Reasons You’ll Want to Register for Your Wedding At Amazon

Cutest kitchen supplies ever? Yup. Read More

18 Things Every Rosé Lover Needs to Register For

Because we’re a class of our own. #gottadrinkpinktositwithus Read More

What Every Maid of Honor Needs to Get for the Bachelorette Party

Public service announcement: a bachelorette party without stylish squad wear is NO party at all... Read More

Yes, It’s Totally Okay to Ask Guests for Money for Your Wedding

Even for puppies... Read More

What to Get the Bride to Celebrate Her New Soon-to-Be Mrs. Status

There's only so many times a bride can buy “bride” stuff, before she starts feeling self conscious about it. That’s where you come in! Read More

Gifts for Mama That This Year’s Brides Will Cry Over

Usually we say brides will just dieeee for, but this time we mean cry. And HARDDD. Read More

The Paisley Box Gave Us 5 Gifts That Are Superb for Your Squad

Why give your girls just one gift at the end, when you can surprise and delight them the whole damn time!?!! Read More

These Brand New Bridal Slippers Are Duchess of Sussex Approved

And seriously, if you’ve been wondering what to get your bridesmaids for their gifts, look no further. These slips are SO GOOD. Read More

In All Fairness, Officiants Should Be Proposed to Too!

And this new “Will You Marry Us” gift package finally lets couples pop the question to this VIP in the bridal party. We’re so here for it! Read More

How to Ensure You Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Registry

Because, yes, you won’t get everything you register for… but you can certainly try to make it happen! Read More

There’s An Art to Those Crazy Loved Wedding Photos on the Gram

And it’s called curated styling gifts from Southern Grown Vintage. Read More

What to Include In Your Welcome Bags for Guests

Priyanka and Nick reportedly gave their guests a taste of India… and an ‘Oh Sh*t Kit.’ Read More

The Best Gifts to Remember Your Bachelorette By

People, Places & Things knows how important your favorite people and your favorite places are, and they have OUR favorite gifts to remember the best occasion! Read More

The #1 Item To Add To Your Registry

This is no joke people! You need to add this to registry. Read More

3 Ways to Use Custom Tissue Paper for Your Wedding Favors

You have never seen tissue paper like this. And yes, your wedding needs it. Read More

6 Heirloom Items You'll Want To Add To Your Registry

Create a registry with items that will stand the test of time in style and quality. Read More

Holiday Shopping for Your Friend Who’s Getting Married

We know what our brides and grooms want, so we’ve curated a best-of list that you can borrow... Read More

12 Incredible Ideas For Your Wedding Registry

The options are pretty much limitless. Read More

11 Fabulous Holiday Gift Ideas for Your New Mother-in-Law

And yes, they’re so good, you might actually end up showing up the kids she raised (whoops)… Read More

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