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We Could Get Down With a Selena Gomez Beauty Line

The girl serves up smoke show looks on the reg, so I guess you could say that we’d be pretty open to using beauty products with her name behind them…

Three Tips For Perfect Wedding Day Brows With The Blady Lady

Eyebrows are 90% of your selfie so get those brows looking 100% on fleek for your wedding day. Is "on fleek" still a thing? Anywhoo this post is filled with brow tips + products we can't live without. Check it out.

The French Manicure Is Still Fierce AF for the Modern Bride

Just gotta think outside the square a little bit, round up them edges, baby!

Top-Stylist Irina Borodina Is Looking for Brides Like You

Need a hair and make-up stylist in the Houston area? Irina will have you looking flawless for your wedding day.

Can’t Wait for Kim Kardashian’s Bridal Beauty Collection to Drop

Her natural beauty look was absolutely stunning, and things haven’t changed in the 5 years since she got married…

Golden Globes Glam Inspiration for 2019 Brides

Two words: Saoirse Ronan. ((We lied, four words, it’s actually four words: Saoirse. Ronan. Red. Lips)).

5 Reasons You’ll Want a Glam Squad for Your Wedding Guests

Open bar or mid-wedding touch ups? What'll keep the crew happier?!?! Hmmm…

6 Reasons You Should Hire a Glam Squad for the Wedding

Before you decide to do it yourself, first really think about the occasion. And how little you know about putting on fake lashes.

These Wedding Headpieces Were Inspired By Vintage Photos

When something new is actually something old AND borrowed…

6 Reasons a Mid-Wedding Haircut Could Be the Best Thing Ever

No lie - getting a new hairdo after saying ‘I Do’ could be one of our favorite wedding trends yet.

The Beauty Sale All Brides-to-Be Need to Shop on July 17

25 percent off, babyyyy

9 Beauty Trends You’re Probably Afraid to Try, But Should

Now that we’re more than halfway through 2018, we thought we’d roundup some of the cheekiest (literally) beauty trends to pop this year…. Is it weird we want to try them all?

7 Ways to Get Your Teeth Looking Spectacular for Your Wedding

You're going to be all smiles on your big day so you should feel great about your teeth.

Crayola and ASOS Got Married and Their Beauty Baby is Magic

And we give it 5 minutes before brides are eyeing 'Very Cherry' for their signature shade of lipstick.

Naturally Beautiful Hair and Makeup Tutorial

Let your beauty shine through your makeup with this simply gorgeous tutorial.

Fitness Tips from Celebrity Trainer Astrid Swan

Fitness tips to feel better and get in a healthy routine.

How to Get Married Without Makeup

Yes. We’re not only saying it’s OK not to get glammed up for your wedding, we’re saying it’s an enviable choice not to.

How To Tone Up Your Body In Two Weeks

Celebrity trainer Key Son shares his secret formula for body transformation.

A Bride’s Timeline to Personal Wedding Prep

Chantelle is back with more pre wedding tips!

10 Best Fitness Tips for Brides

Who ditched their workout for coffee in bed today? Uhhh ... that would be me. Somebody help me get my sh*t together!

The Blushing Bride Bag Makes Wedding Day Prep Easy

Wedding day prep made pretty and easy by Manna Kadar with The Blushing Bride Bag

13 Celeb Hair Cuts We’re Currently Crazy About

These Hollywood hairdos are so haute RN we can’t even deal.

14 Valentine’s Day Manicures to Rock for Cupid

You’re seriously going to love these.

The Hollywood Opal Hair Trend is Going to Be a Bridal Fave

For any brides who just can’t bring themselves to go full on unicorn for the big day, this new hair color trend might just be your everything ✨

Wedding Headpiece Trends Every Bride Will Follow in 2018

From edgy, bold designs to shades of gold, these trends are everything for your tresses this year

Valentine’s Day Came Early Thanks To These Makeup Artists

These Valentine’s Day beauty looks are the epitome of 😍 😍 😍 BE OURS?!?!!

18 Killer Manicures to Kiss 2017 Goodbye and Say Hello to 2018

Make sure that red and green gel job is gone and embrace something brand new for 2018. Especially if that new-new is of the diamond, newly-engaged variety…

Great Gift Idea for Your Favorite Beauty Guru Gram Fans

This new eye palette is absolutely delicious and it’s about to blowww up your Insta feeds

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