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Relationship Milestones

Every relationship is different, but most share common milestones.

Happy Couples Do These Things

Did you every consider doing these simple things might make you a happier couple?

How to Stop Comparing Your Love to Everyone Else’s

Keeping up with the Joneses is noooo way to keep your relationship on the up and up

August Alterations Giveaway!

2019 brides, August is all about YOU! It’s never too early to start shopping for your wedding dress. Throughout the entire month ...

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5 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Mood

We can all be a Debbie Downer sometimes. Here are some ways to instantly lift your mood.

Why Dating Brothers Might Just Be the Best Idea Ever

Spoiler alert: if you’re anything like this Bachelor in Paradise-born couple, it’ll end (slash begin?) with an engagement.

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Four Signs Your Phone's More Important Than Your S/O

Table texting and bed emailing ... put the phone down and run away for some quality time.

11 Most Important Engagement Questions From A Rabbi’s Perspective

By Rabbi/Cantor Judy Greenfeld

The Secret To A Happy Relationship Or Marriage Is This...

Do you and your partner do this for each other?

Quiz: How Close Are You and Your S.O.?

Take our quiz to find out how tight you and your honey actually are.

Unfu*k Your Relationships. Relax. It's a Book Title.

How many times have you heard (or even used) the phrase, “relationships are 50/50”?

Seven Signs You're With The Wrong Guy

Seven red flags that might be waiving right in front of your face. It's okay to have standards, confidence and shine bright like the rare diamond you are!

What Every Engaged Couple Should Know About Prenups

Prenup is not a dirty word.

Couple Celebrates 55 Years Married With Shakes Not Cake

Some couples ring in their 55th wedding anniversary with emeralds… others do something totally different…

Five Ways Yoga Will Enhance Your Sex Life

Recognize what feels good in your body (on the mat or in the bedroom).

8 Ways to Make Sure You Have Hot Married Sex

Just because there’s a ring ON your finger, doesn’t mean you can stop getting off.. Yah, we went there!

Survey Reveals Best Places To Find ‘The One’

New research proves Ed Sheeran was right - the club isn't the best place to find a lover.

7 Things You Can Do For Your Lady That Will Blow Her Mind

Guys, we got you. Do these things for your lady and we can all but guarantee some pretty damn good results.

5 Simple Sex Tips That Every Woman Should Read

We've gotten the scoop from real men about what they want.

Does He Do This On Social Media?

6 social media red flags.

How to Tell When a Relationship Is Legit or Fake AF

The lines are getting very blurred between celebrities and reality TV stars these days, and most of the relationship claims are totes false. Thank you, social media.

How to Handle Being Snubbed by Your Sibling for the MOH Role

Rumor has it that Prince Harry hasn’t asked his big bro to be his Best Man yet… Yikes.

Nat’l Splits Month: It’s a Thing and It’s Happening RN

January is legit the worst, and apparently the biggest breakup month of the year, so we’re bringing you ALL the tips to make sure your relationship makes it through the pre-Feb freeze.

Marrying Your High School Sweetheart Just Became Cool

Pro golfer Jordan Spieth put a ring on his adorable childhood sweetheart for Christmas, reminding us how sweet and strong young love can be

What to Do Instead of Using the Phrase ‘You Let Yourself Go’

When you’re getting married to the love of your life, you should both inspire each other to be your best selves… the second you start saying ‘you let yourself go,’ you’re toeing tricky territory.

5 Things You Better Discuss With Your Partner Before You Get Married

Relationships should always be flexible, but there are some issues that may be deal breakers. Have this talk with your partner before you get married.

10 Ways To Get Cozy With Your Man This Winter

10 date ideas that will pull you out of hibernation mode this winter.

How to Handle Your Fiancé’s (Girl) Friend Coming to the Wedding

She’s just a friend. JUST a friend… no need to get jealous, but if you do ((hey, it’s only human)), here are a few tips to help you #handleit

Five Effective Ways to Resolve Conflict

Conflict sucks. Learn how to manage and resolve it. YAY!

Questionable Answers: Lady in Waiting Edition.

Welcome to Part 1 of Questionable Answers. We'll definitely give you answers that are questionable.

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