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How to Handle Your Fiancé’s (Girl) Friend Coming to the Wedding

She’s just a friend. JUST a friend… no need to get jealous, but if you do ((hey, it’s only human)), here are a few tips to help you #handleit

Blanc de Bleu Cuvee Mousseux.


Five Effective Ways to Resolve Conflict

Conflict sucks. Learn how to manage and resolve it. YAY!

Questionable Answers: Lady in Waiting Edition.

Welcome to Part 1 of Questionable Answers. We'll definitely give you answers that are questionable.

Happy Couples Do These Things

Did you every consider doing these simple things might make you a happier couple?

5 Ways to Deal When You See Your Ex at a Wedding

No. You don't have to hide at home... You can handle it with these tips.

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5 Things Women Should Never Say to Men

I believe in equality. Let's now discuss the cringe-worthy things women say to men. Ladies, are you guilty?

Your Big Moment Starts with a Little Jewelry Box

A little ring is never a little thing. Go big this holiday with the ultimate customized ring. Find your favorite trend and add the perfect center stone to make it truly you.


If You Think Things Change Just Because You're Married, You're Wrong

Getting married will not bandaid any of your problems. It's better to know that before you take the plunge.

7 Things You Can Do For Your Lady That Will Blow Her Mind

Guys, we got you. Do these things for your lady and we can all but guarantee some pretty damn good results.

5 Ways to Hang When You're Single Over the Holidays

Being single over the holidays isn’t always ideal, but it doesn’t have to be a ho-ho-s***show either … Read on!

The 4 Cs Before Marriage

We're working with Licensed Professional Counselor Ami Evans to give you the tools for a successful marriage.

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5 Things Men Should Never Say to Women

What are the most cringe-worthy things your man says to you? I'm telling mine.

5 Simple Sex Tips That Every Woman Should Read

We've gotten the scoop from real men about what they want.

5 Simple Sex Tips That Every Man Should Read

All ladies are different, but most of us can agree on these five things.

Gorgeous in Grey gets married in Pantora Bridal!

HUGE congratulations to Ty Alexander of Gorgeous in Grey! She tied the know this weekend and looked absolutely STUNNING in Pantora Bridal!

Is Your Relationship Safe from Social Media?

Even harmless Insta-flirting, social media messaging and comments can evoke strong emotions. Are you and your partner safe?

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When Man Flu Strikes

When men get sick. What can you do? We've got 5 things you can do to ensure you don't lose your damn mind.

What I learned from 21k photos on my phone.

Put down your phone. Be in the moment. Enjoy the experience. Not everything needs to be documented.

Boys don't cry, but why?

Men don't cry. Suck it up. Sack up. Be a man. Crying is weakness. How can we do better for our boys?

The ONE thing I wish I would have done in my failed relationships.

I always thought it was my partner who was to blame, but then it hit me.

Does your ego rule your relationship?

We are controlled by our ego, but our egos are total JERKS! Take control of your ego to improve your relationship. You'll be a happier person.

50 things to do besides going out to drink.

We are a social alcohol-centric society, it's just a fact. Everything fun SEEMS all revolve around drinking, but it really doesn't. We've got 50 things to do besides get a drink after work or on the weekend.

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Five Really Easy Ways to be a Happier and Nicer Person in 2017

Who doesn't want a little more nice and happy in our lives! We've come up with five really easy ways to be nice and get happier at the same time. Some of them are pretty obvious, so obvious that they are forgotten. Maybe you already know. Check and see!

Can You Communicate Your Needs and Wants in Your Relationship?

We are living in a society where we shove our feelings and issues deep down while we try to 'look' perfect and happy. This is doing us no good whatsoever.

Being Your Own Best Friend is Something Everyone Should Try

Who's your best friend? It should be you. How can we expect to be loved and cherished if we don't love ourselves? We really need to be our own best friend. Negative feelings and thoughts will spill over into every relationship we have. You can stop your n

Tips For Your Tinder Inspired by Amy Schumer

Let's face it, dating sucks. Online dating sucks and looking for dates sucks. In a world that's quickly moving toward digital dating, we are presenting with so many options when trying to find a suitable mate. Tinder, Match, Bumble, Ok Cupid, eHarmony.