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Groom and Groomsmen

The Dark Knot is Redefining Style For The Groom and His Men

And save 25% off your order!

Dress the Part: The Groom's Guide 2019

Grooms! We have your 2019 style guide and all your wedding day attire tips right here!

New Shoes on SALE!

"Out with the Old" and "In with the New" Tons of news shoes arriving from Badgley Mischka, Bella Belle and Rachel Simpson, which means ...

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Need Ideas For Groomsmen Gifts? We've Got You!

Your best pals are definitely going to use these Groovy Groomsmen Gifts

How to Add Some Color to Your Guy’s Wedding Band

Brides have a lot that they can do with color for their ring(s), but for guys it’s been less common. Well, this company is bringing 33 color options to the table. And they’re all pretty rad.

The Groomsmen Fashion Situation Can Actually Be Really Fun

And can even earn your guy $2,000 towards your dream wedding… NBD.

When the Groom Looks Good, So Do the Pictures

And we know a place that guarantees BOTH will look good: Generation Tux.

5 Things All Grooms Should Get Going On Before the Wedding

Each of you has marching orders before the big day, so make sure your guy has these on his list!

One Huge Reason Why Your Groom Will Want to Design His Own Ring

We’ll cut rightttt to the chase: because if he does, he can win it!

5 Reasons Your Guys Should Buy Their Groomsmen Gear

The girls do it, so why shouldn’t they?

5 Things Every Guy Wonders About His Wedding Ring

Do I really need to wear this thing? Among others…

Holiday Gifts for the Man in Your Life from Rockcow Leather

Great holidays gifts for all the people on your list.

20 Stylish Ways to Dress Up Your Groom

Bring your groom back in the spotlight with these 20 stylish looks.

5 Reasons to Consider a Custom Wedding Band for Him

Guys appreciate custom jewelry, too…

5 Things to Keep In Mind When You’re Shopping for the Guys

They actually care about what you get them, so you can’t just phone it in ((unless it’s a major mobile order…))

Best-Dressed Kids Rock Roco Clothing for the Wedding Day

Yes, the bride was gorgeous, but did you see her minis? OMG.

Every Groomsman Needs to Have a Pocket Watch

And these are all under $100…

7 Ways to Make Sure Your Guy Gets Into Wedding Planning

If you’re not stoked about your engagement ring, maybe hold off on the complaints for a few days. That’s probs not a great way to graciously bring out his groom game face.

These Ringleaders Let Grooms Get Their Wedding Band Game On

And malls have nothing to do with it…

Neckties from Origin Ties are a Total Nuptials Necessity

Buhbye busted ties from senior prom, it’s been fun - but we’re moving on!

If the Veil Makes the Bride, Classy Cufflinks Make the Groom

And yes, here’s a reminder that cufflinks are cool.

Groomsman Gift Idea: Boys Can Appreciate Bracelets Too

Okay, really, guys have to get over the ‘men can’t wear jewelry’ mentality… Because a bracelet is a seriously stylish gift for the Best Man and the rest of the boys.

Ring Bearers Aren’t the Only Ones Who Can Rock Suspenders

We know your groom wants to look good, and he’ll be nothing but in suspenders and a bow tie from Armoniia!

How to Look Cool at Your Warm Weather Wedding

Follow us to the beach…

5 Reasons the Good Cigar Co. Makes Sense for Your Guy Crew

Seriously, where was this company when my hubs and I got married?

5 Things Every Groom Should Do

A comprehensive list to guide your groom from engagement to wedding day.

A Groom’s Timeline to Personal Wedding Prep

You're perfect the way you are, but self care is never a bad thing.

How to Make Your Groom Feel Special On Your Wedding Day

Just a hint - it might include breakfast, booze, and some seriously sexy shoes

12 Genius Groomsmen Gifts Your Guy Can Get from Amazon

They’re cool and can get here real fast. That’s about all that matters.

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