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How to Be a Great Bridesmaid When You’re Knocked Up

If you can’t be there, you best be showing up as a robot… Because, yes, it’s a thing.

How to Get Along Real Well With Your Flower Girl

Because your FG may be the littlest in your girl group, but you def don’t want to ruffle any feathers with her

New Shoes on SALE!

"Out with the Old" and "In with the New" Tons of news shoes arriving from Badgley Mischka, Bella Belle and Rachel Simpson, which means ...

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5 Money Conversations To Have Before The Big Day

Discussing Money Before Marriage

This Is Why You Need a Staycation Before the Wedding

Proposal-moon, pre-honeymoon, these are all great, but there’s something super special about staying home and shutting the world out with your soon-to-be spouse.

8 Rehearsal Dinner Ideas to Make It as Memorable as the Wedding

So much planning goes into your wedding, and most of it is focused on the day-of festivities. Obviously, this is the most important part — the ceremony and reception — but there’s another event that should get a little bit of your attention, too.

5 Things to Do Instead of Firing Your Bridesmaid

Everyyyy bride considers it at least once during her engagement, but we don’t recommend it.

6 Signs You’re As Anti-Bride As They Come

And can count yourself in the company of other zen brides before you - like, um, Meghan Markle

7 Tips for Being The Best Bridesmaid Ever

So you've been asked to be a bridesmaid, congrats! Here are 7 tips to make you the BEST bridesmaid ever.

6 Simple Ways To Cut Costs At Your Wedding

Need to trim off some fat off of your wedding cost. This is how.

Arrive and Depart in Style with These Wedding Transportation Ideas

We're talking about some grand entrances here!

How to Politely Tell Your Guests They Need to Come Solo

Mostttt people should get the picture that they’re coming to the wedding sans date, if they don’t see + guest on the envelope… but we’ve learned that that’s not always the case.

How To Organize Mailing Addresses For Your Wedding

As if you don't have enough to worry about! Here are a few tips on how to keep your addresses organized and ready to go.

9 Things to Know When Planning a Cruise Wedding

Are Coworkers Cool Enough to Come to the Wedding?

They may be your work wives, but does that warrant an invite? We asked a bunch of brides what they did!

How to Deal When You’re Sick On Your Wedding Day

Germs DGAF that you’re getting married…

10 Wedding Superstitions We’re Not Believers In Anymore

It’s Friday the 13th, y’all (the second and final Friday the 13th of 2018)… anyone getting married tonight? No judgment either way!

10 Little Details Your Wedding Guests Will Love

As you pull together the final pieces of your wedding day, consider adding these small details to truly impress your guests.

Saying “I Do” To Financial Health

Before you dive head first into wedding-planning mode, it’s crucial to work out the financial aspect of your big hoorah.

How to Set Your Wedding Budget

The Events Designers are sharing their budget setting tips with us.

How to Make Sure Your Kisses Look Killer On Camera

It’s #InternationalKissingDay, kids! So we thought it’d only be appropriate to share some pics and tips!

6 Common Mistakes Brides Make When Picking Their ‘I Do’ Crew

Wedding regrets are inevitable, but you don’t want to have any about the people you had standing next to you on your special day.

6 Ways to Let Your Partner Know How Much You Love Them

They’re the reason you’re getting married, right?

To Do It Again - The Most Common Wedding Regrets

2,000 people who were asked what they would change about their wedding if they had a chance.

5 Wedding Scams and Tips on How to Avoid Them

We've got your back! Brides, be on the lookout for these all too common wedding scams + learn the tips on how to avoid them.

Seven Do’s and Don'ts of a Great Wedding Speech

Trust us, you'll want to read up on these tips BEFORE you give your wedding speech!

How to Wedding Plan When You Work Full-Time

Because, yes, now that you’re engaged, you have two jobs.

6 Takeaways from UP TV’s Two Binge-Worthy New Wedding Shows

The premiere of UP TV’s Our Wedding Story on June 22nd at 9pm ET.

How to Pee in Your Dress in 6 Ways or Less

It’s funny how quickly we can forget that the world keeps turning the day that we get married. Still gotta pee… and hey, s*** happens, too!

How To Create The Kitchen You Love

Yes, you’ll need the basics (that KitchenAid mixer is a must), but we thought of a few other things that you’ll be sooo happy you asked for.

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